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spain nudist beaches great

12 Great nudist beaches in Spain
Article in El Pais today. 
No.12 is Playa Jarugo in Fuerteventura (headed in the article as being in Puerto del Rosario!) but is correctly described within the writeup as being accessed through Tindaya.

link to article in El Pais
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#11 has a series of beaches. If you like wild natural non commercial beaches is great.  Not the easiest to get to.
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I've been to a number of those beaches, but I still consider Sotavento in Fuerteventura to be one of the finest naturist beaches in Europe.
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I wrote this last year. Anyone have any other suggestions? Naturist beaches in Fuerteventura
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Nice recap JP although this is far from the true:

Quote:There are two “beaches” in Caleta de Fuste. Both are man-made and neither are naturist (although they are at least topless).

Beaches in Caleta aren't man-made, although the recent man-made refurb action wasn't really a great. Caleta main beach 60+ years ago, before the tourism boom.

To stay on topic, there's a small part of pebble beach in Caleta dedicated to naturists as well as a couple or three small and mostly empty beaches between Caleta (Salinas) and Pozo Negro. Takes about 30 minutes walk from Caleta to the first beach.

28.345487, -13.878749

I would also consider Playa Blanca (between the airport and PdR) as naturist beach although there's always much more textiles.

Overall, I like the blog post and the map you've created looks pretty handy especially to a first time naturist visitor.
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