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islands canary coronavirus covid active cases

Active cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Canary Islands
Numbers discrepancy solved!     

My wife  put her research hat on and has found that the Gobierno   (Canary Island Government) and the Cabildo  (Fuerteventura Government)  count cases in different ways.

The Cabildo   counts actual active  cases  on the island,  irrespective from where they came from.  The status of 'irregular' immigrants is not clear.  Also a breakdown by  each municipality is  proving elusive, so far.

Hence the figures Captain Sensible is publishing are actual infections on the island, according to Fuerteventura's Government.

The figures  from the Gobierno  count infections as where the person is registered and where their health card is located.   This means, in my understanding, that someone infected on, say,  Tenerife but registered on Fuerteventura is counted as a Fuerteventura infection.  This seems to be putting the location of the health card above the location of the infection,  but there must be a reason to do it this way.  

I have enclosed a translation (thank you Google translate)  from NoticiasFuerteventura.com published 12 Jan 2021 which explains this.

"The health data that the Cabildo de Fuerteventura reports every day, received from the Canarian health service on the island, affirm that there have been 16 new infections in a bad day in this regard. On the other hand, 9 epidemiological discharges leave the daily accounting of COVID 19 at +7.
Of the 144 people currently infected in Fuerteventura, all are under home monitoring.

During the day yesterday, this digital published the data that the Canary Islands Government page offers every day (except weekends) in relation to the number of health cards of residents in Fuerteventura (for health purposes) who remain ill, they are infected or discharged from COVID 19.

In this sense, our readers return to raise the reason for the difference in insular and regional data (in this case municipalized). The answer is simple, of the 175 cases that the government records among the cards, a percentage, which usually varies between 15 and 25%, are people who, having a health card on the island, are residing outside of it. They are counted as insular, something that the daily report offered by the Cabildo does not do, which only counts people who are sick, infected or registered in Fuerteventura.

We hope that this circumstance does not complicate your understanding of the data, but we always try to clarify which is the source that issues them"

source:  https://www.noticiasfuerteventura.com/fu...en-la-isla

Keep safe
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Thanks Geordiediver, it's a good reminder of how the stats are calculated. The following thread had slipped down the forum a bit. 

Living my dream
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Thank you to your wife geordiediver for finding that information.

154 active cases are reported today, all at home. That's an increase of 18 new cases and following 7 recoveries.

Fuerteventura is expecting to go up to level 2 later today after the Canarian Government meets.
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167 active cases today following 10 recoveries and 23 new cases.  One person is in hospital.
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168 active cases today following 13 recoveries and 15 new cases. One person is in hospital.
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171 active cases today following 12 recoveries and 15 new cases- 169 are in home quarantine and 2 are in hospital.
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It's been a better 24 hours following 31 recoveries and 11 new cases. This gives a total of 151 active cases of which 2 are in hospital.
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150 active cases today following 14 recoveries and 13 new cases. 2 are in hospital.
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