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property with bought laws taxes comply etc necessary

Bought a property - What to do to comply with the necessary laws, taxes etc
There have been three recommendations for the solicitor Beatriz but unless I've missed it somewhere,  will someone please post her full details,  eg name of firm, address, phone and email. 

Thanks in anticipation. 

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Beatriz Alvarez Martinez
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Many thanks Classic.
25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Just a little info: Ms BEATRIZ ÁLVAREZ MARTÍNEZ is on the list of lawyers which has been prepared by the British Embassy/Consulate Las Palmas for the convenience of British Nationals who may require legal advice and assistance in Fuerteventura.

c/ Duero, 9, oficina 8,
35600 Puerto del Rosario,

Tel: (0034) 928 53 09 92
Fax: (0034) 928 53 21 15  

They have English speaking staff
They are affiliated to the Association of Lawyers in Las Palmas nº2224
Specialisations are in civil jurisdiction
They have experience representing British nationals since 1996
They can provide legal aid

They cannot offer a Pro Bono service
Staff speak Spanish
They cover the island of Fuerteventura
They do not have any international offices

Above info is from the official GOV UK website.
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(14-07-2020, 06:55 AM)Jason W Wrote: I wasn't sure where to post this question so excuse me if i am in the wrong place.
Having purchased our first property in April and only being able to visit last week i would be grateful for an idiots guide on what i should be doing to comply with the necessary laws, taxes etc. Water and electricity are in hand, it was suggested i take a trip to the Town Hall to discuss sorting any taxes, bins charges etc. Obviously i don't want to miss anything.

Thank you in advance.

Split from the Non Resident Property Tax thread. Sam

Here is buying a property in short from my experience from just completing the process as a Spanish Resident

1. Pay & Sign at Notario
2. Limit of 30days to declare the purchase and pay ITP at ATC (Agencia Tributaria Canaria)
3. Take the tax receipt and pay to register the property in your name at the Registro de la Propiedad
4. Notify the Community President of your details for paying community fees
5. Visit the Ayuntamiento for Empadronamiento at the new address
6. Setup a DirectDebit for IBI & Basura at the Ayuntamiento (Liable to be Paid by whoever owns the property on 1st January each year, so you need to setup a DDebit to start next year)

Water/Electricity varies according to situation.
If you are non-resident then there is Non-resident tax payable to AEAT and declared on an annual basis as part of the IRPF (Tax return) but I am not liable for this so don't have first hand experience.

As a footnote to all of this, I highly recommend you register online for a "certificado electronico" and make an appointment at the AEAT to verify your identity which allows you to then identify yourself online and do most painful government paperwork online!
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