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living cost fuerteventura

Cost of Living in Fuerteventura
(17-06-2020, 11:40 AM)stewart1875 Wrote:
(17-06-2020, 10:31 AM)GMT Wrote: I mentioned about the CGT because of what is happening to us now. We sold our property in the UK in May 2019, we came to Spain at the very end of May 2019, we applied for residency in June 2019. At present our accountant is doing the annual tax return here in Spain for 2019, which covers up to June 2019. She told us that because we are under 65 and we haven't been fiscal resident for at least three years here in Spain, we have to pay CGT. She also said that if we had become residents in July rather than June we wouldn't have paid CGT, i.e. if we had rented in the UK and then come to Spain and applied for residency in July we wouldn't have paid CGT. She said that some customers of hers had to pay CGT just for a day, i.e. they became residents on June 30. A practical joke! I thought Pete, and anyone else, may benefit from our inexperience in order to plan wisely for the future.


thats interesting,
if i understand that properly it means that this covid 19 lock down may have inadvertently worked in my favour ! 
 i sold my house in the U.K. during jan  this year, bought in fuerte in feb with plans to relocate in april and apply for residency at that time. however as i am not able to fly over until mid july will this mean i will be outwith the 183  day tax rule for this year ?

I suppose you should be off the hook.
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