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50th airport happy birthday

Happy 50th Birthday to the Airport
Back to the topic. Can be found on the ground floor, next to the airport aquarium.

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I Heart Fuerteventura
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LAS PARTERAS Airport , that will be your destination when you fly to Fuerteventura if the Podemos proposal comes out, which has already been endorsed by the local government.

Eduardo Tarquis and Lilian Concepción are clear that "from Hipatia de Alejandria to Rosa Parks we are not on equal terms when it comes to making our achievements remembered (...)", and in this sense the argument begins in which they support the need to remember midwives.

The motion of Podemos was voted by the government group and Águeda Montelongo, since during it CC, the PP and AMF were absent due to the mayor's refusal to answer questions about the complaint filed by Yaiza Sotorrio. Mrs. Montelongo was the only one voting against Podemos' motion.

In the motion of the purple party it is argued that as "behind every great man there is a great woman" and apparently according to what they claim is a rather deceptive compliment, "women have been relegated to the background in relation to men "

Therefore "the objective of this motion is to break with all the unwritten norms that have prevented the recognition of the leading role of many women who shone with their own light."

In this sense, the motion states that "tributes are paid to doctors, president, writers, teachers, but we forget that in order for these people to do things for which they went down in history, they came into the world thanks to the midwives (...)"

Therefore, it is proposed that justice be done and their invisibility is repaired, emphasizing "that the necessary procedure be started as soon as possible, so that the Fuerteventura airport be named LAS PARTERAS "

The motion has been approved with the votes of the majority of the government of the capital city council. It may be that in some time you will be flying to LAS PARTERAS airport .
I Heart Fuerteventura
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MIDWIVES ?????!!!!!!!!  What a bloody joke!!!!
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A crisis rages for the island's economy and the best use of their time is to rename the airport??

Am I missing something?
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(31-07-2020, 06:39 PM)Archer Wrote: ...Am I missing something?

Yep, you're missing the name. To make it even better, take the first "r" off, lol. 🤣🤣🤣
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Well spotted. Hidden message.
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PARTERAS = midwives.  PATERAS = the small boats carrying immigrants.  Perhaps the latter makes more sense!!!
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An update on the case:

Quote:The municipality of Puerto del Rosario returns to the fray in its attempt to change the name of the Fuerteventura airport, this time with a press release stating that the airport will be called "Fuerteventura Airport, Las Parteras".

Socialist Party, Podemos, what remains of Ciudadanos (difficult to know), José Juan Herrera, and Nueva Canarias support this new denomination that has caused deep discomfort among the island's neighbors.

Despite the avalanche of criticism received, the consistory maintains its intention to change its name, clarifying that it will not remove the word Fuerteventura from the name, an issue that is not included in the motion presented by the Podemos group in Puerto del Rosario.

In this sense, the capital city council clarifies “that in the last plenary session it was proposed to continue naming the island airport with the name of 'Fuerteventura', to which, in its last term, would be added 'Las Midwives'. However, it would be renamed 'Fuerteventura Airport, Las Midwives', without affecting the international promotion of the island ”, a question that does not appear in the motion presented by PODEMOS.

Open to the population proposing a name under feminist criteria.

In this line of argument, the city council affirms that "the proposal, which was approved by the majority of the government, could be submitted to open citizen consultation so that the population can propose denominations following criteria under the feminist perspective, to promote parity and equality, or they can vote in favor of the proposed name of 'Fuerteventura Airport, Las Midwives' if they deem it appropriate. All this with the aim of granting greater visibility to the female gender. After the citizen consultation, the proposal would be submitted to Aena and the central government for resolution ”.

Despite the barrage of criticism, the signing councilors continue to shore up the decision and affirm that "invisibility has affected women throughout history, especially those who dedicated their lives to caring for other people, under that criterion proposes 'Las Midwives', in tribute to all those women from Majoras who were dedicated to this profession that was so important on our island, many of whom dedicated their lives to caring for the people of our Fuerteventura, helping them to be born, when not even Hospitals existed, and assisting the brave women who brought them into the world. "

In this sense, it is defended in the explanatory memorandum of the motion presented that "normally tribute is paid to doctors, presidents, writers, teachers, but it is forgotten that, in order for these people to do things for which they went down in history, they arrived to the world thanks to the midwives, who in Fuerteventura played a fundamental role in the history of the island, until the 1960s.

"For this reason, the fight for visibility and parity is also important when it comes to naming streets, squares, parks, piers or, in this case, airports" concludes the press release.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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What a load of old codswallops!!!  As a woman, I've  never felt invisible or undermined  and this whole "feminism" thing is driving me nuts!
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