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landline internet without

Internet without landline?
I've been with Fuerte Wifi for 13 years - a very good internet connection and service.

My neighbours are also with them, and they only pay for the times they are here on the island.
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At the risk of sounding like a Sales rep for Internet services which I am not, am I incorrect in thinking FuerteWiFi charge for installation? I am sure a neighbour had FuertWiFi installed a couple of years ago and if memory serves it was 100/150€. Emmi has already said she does not need Tv so I would assume 12Mbps would be more than sufficient this would cost approximately 310€ or 26€ per month with Internet services, roughly in line with FuerteWiFi, albeit for 8Mbps less which she does not need and removes the cost of installation
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We signed up for first 3 months with pay as you go after and still paid 150 euro installation but as you see below from their link they charge a whopping 250 + IGIC! if you want only pay as you go, it says 6mb is 35 euro but we pay 37 for normally 2-3mb. After testing on a usually quiet Sunday afternoon on an unusually quiet season here it's up to a record 3.5 but still never what I pay for but fear if I dropped it to 3mb for 20 euro it would get even worse  

BICHO:  3 mbps symmetric. € 20 / month
BAIFO: 4 symmetric mbps. € 28 / month
CHACHO:  6 mbps download and 4 mbps upload. € 35 / month
AGÜITA: 8 mbps download and 4 mbps upload. € 40 / month
ÑOS: 12 mbps download and 5 mbps upload. € 45 / month (highly recommended!)
ÑOS PLUS:  Same as  ÑOS , but with ... your own fixed IP! € 57 / month
POINT:  12 symmetric mbps. € 99 / month

In case you do not want permanence (you are a free soul, eh?), You can hire any of the above-mentioned rates, unsubscribe the service whenever you want, or change the rate to a higher (or lower) one at the time you wish. If you like these conditions, you must pay the technician € 250 + IGIC , in cash at the time of signing the contract.

It's that simple, this is  NetService .
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