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time same visitors lobos

Lobos - only 200 visitors at the same time
To access this natural park it is necessary to request permission from the Ministry of the Environment through the Cabildo website

The Council of Fuerteventura will reopen public access to the islet of Lobos that was suspended with the declaration of the state of alarm by Covid-19, so from Monday (yesterday) it will be possible to request a visit to this important natural park, although always respecting the rules of access and conservation of the space, which include the need for a permit from the Ministry of the Environment, as was the case before the health crisis.

The authorization for visits to the Islet can be requested from this Monday, May 25, on the website of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura ( Maintenance continues two shifts of visits, from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Said authorization is independent of the means of transport used to reach the islet, which must be managed by each user.

Thus, the maintenance, conservation and customer service of the public use facilities of the Islote de Lobos Natural Park will resume suspended services in the next few days, always with the facilities conditioned to the new conditions that the sanitary crisis establishes and with the due hygiene standards.

In this sense, the Cabildo of Fuerteventura reminds that the general prevention and hygiene measures of COVID 19 must be respected at all times, among which is the use of masks whenever it is not possible to maintain the interpersonal safety distance from minus two meters or hand washing.

However, the staff of the island institution has been working on the removal of the entire coastline of waste from the sea.

During this period of confinement, while the movement of a large part of the population has been paralyzed, a large number of woods and plastics have continued to travel through the sea and have been dragged by the sea currents until reaching the Majorero coast and Lobos.

Precisely the northern coastal strip of Fuerteventura "has become one of the hot spots for the collection of all kinds of waste", explained the Minister for the Environment, Fight against Climate Change, Circular Economy and R & D + i, Marlene Figueroa, since the waste that the human being dumps into the sea "becomes a serious problem that not only affects the marine environment and its biodiversity, but when they reach the coasts they force continuous intervention on the coast," he said.

Thus, although the removal of waste brought by the sea is one of the essential tasks of the Environment Council of the Majorero Council, "we must not forget the responsibility we have as citizens and as a species, since we generate more waste than we The planet admits, so it is in our power to reduce its use, recycle materials and reuse as much as possible, ”recalled the counsellor.

Courtesy of Onda Fuerteventura.
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Went over to Lobos on the 9th. Had hoped to go sooner after it reopened to get a quiet visit (before tourists) but one of the friends who came with me refuses to get on a boat where she can touch the water, so no RIB  Sad. The ferry service restarted on 1st July and has to be booked online at present. The booking process also includes your Lobos permit - the ferry company sends you a link to download your QR code.
16€ for non-residents. 13€ for residents.
Despite the time slots of the permits (10-2) I was able to book a ferry to go over at 10am and return at 4pm. 
Took the printed ferry purchase confirmation direct to the boat to embark.
All crew and passengers wore masks. There was no social distancing onboard the Majorero, every seat was taken, so about 80-100 of us. The Cabildo MedioAmbiente guy came across with us on the ferry - there was no checking of permits when we disembarked on Lobos so presumably they are trusting  the ferry company to have organised them correctly.
The visitor info centre had had a bit of a revamp and there were 6 or 8 loos, washbasins, soap etc so that was a good improvement. The drinks dispenser machine (water) was turned off. There were already 2 security staff at the info centre who must have come over on a RIB to get it open before the ferry arrived. Hand gel available. Pics of the displays in the gallery. There is also a rest building with tables and benches inside which is a good idea because there is no other shade on the island except for some covered benches on the quay where you wait for your return ferry.
We walked past the lagoons and over to the lighthouse, ate our picnic there and then made our way back to the beach for the last hour or so - the sea was gorgeous after all the walking!
Coming back we were on the Isla de Lobos ferry (a cutter style boat), again it was full, all wore masks, hand gel offered soon after we boarded. Very rough crossing - good fun!
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