Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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time someone caaf water fired

No water - it's time CAAF fired someone!
Radio Sintonia:

Scheduled water cuts in areas of the municipality of La Oliva for maintenance.

The Consorcio de Abastecimiento de Aguas a Fuerteventura ( CAAF ) will undertake renovation and maintenance work at the Fimapaire and Morro del Puerco deposits on Monday, November 16, and Tuesday, November 17, which will be affected by a power outage. supply different areas of the municipality of La Oliva, with the highest incidence in La Oliva, Villaverde, Tindaya, Lajares, El Roque, Cotillo and adjoining areas.
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Part of Cotillo has now been without mains water for over 24 hours, ideal in a pandemic situation where washing of hands is at a premium and now to add insult to injury, the electricity keeps going off!  Been staying here long term for many years and witnessed a systematic and depressing decline in essential services during the period.  The main street is a canyon and will be for quite a while, judging by the efficiency of the workforce.  Like the Berlin of old, Cotillo now has a divide down the middle and being slightly more elevated, the South sector suffers most from low/no water pressure.

Beginning to make Goa, Gambia, Kenya etc. look very second world!

I agree, it really is time CAAF fired someone. Is there a legal case to be made against paying monthly connection fees to a service that doesn't supply?
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Sad to report that in the middle of a pandemic, parts of El Cotillo have again been without water for 24 hours and that's in a village that only has a small fraction of the number of people it usually has this time of year.  With caravanners and motorhomers already emptying excrement here. there and everywhere, how long before residents are forced to do the same?
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No water again this evening in this part of Cotillo. Let's just hope that the hand sanitizers at the Supermarkets take away all our germs. Pitiful.
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