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private cover health emergency

Private Health Cover for emergency
Thanks GSD Girl no need to have all the details. At least we all know what to expect if we end up in an emergency situation.
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(03-12-2018, 07:22 PM)Waverunner Wrote: Can any one recommend health insurance as I’m contemplating moving to the island full time and it seems it is needed as part of applying for residency, thanks
You can take private insurance as suggested by 'classic'. Or, you can go for the state system:
It is very individual as it also depends on your age. If you are a UK pensioner you should be able to get a form S1 from the DWP Overseas Health Team in Newcastle which gives you the Spanish version of the NHS with a few small differences, and best of all, paid for by the UK. If you are under pension age you can take a reduced version of the Spanish Healthcare system (that you pay for yourself) called Convenio Especial, currently around 60€ a month I believe.
Follow the links on website, Living in Spain.
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Thank you for your advice and help  Cool
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Possibly different for Fuerte give fewer private facilities but in the main, ambulances are chargeable and may well deposit you at a private hospital/clinic. This happens a lot on the bigger islands and often in some of the big mainland resorts. Collusion between some private clinics/hospitals and ambulance services is suspected but not proven.

Most, if not all insurance companies will require you to either have an EHIC or apply for a provisional replacement certificate after any treatment if you don't have one. That way, the insurance companies offset their 'losses' against the EHIC scheme. But of course the EHIC doesn't cover private treatment. Some private costs can be reclaimed under the terms of an EU Directive on cross-border healthcare, but only to equivalent NHS cost of the treatment.
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Some form of collusion would not surprise me at all given the general corruption in Spain
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How can any tourist on their first trip to the island possibly know the ambulance is taking them to a private clinic? This is just wrong.
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It should be pointed out that Private Health Insurance Policies offered by Spanish Insurers & Travel insurance Policies offered for non-resident 'tourists' have very different conditions attached to them. 

So anyone reading this should make sure they are not getting the wrong advice.

I unfortunately have 1st hand experience of this. This is an old thread so I won't go into detail here.
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(11-07-2020, 03:27 PM)Lexeus Wrote: ...I unfortunately have 1st hand experience of this. This is an old thread so I won't go into detail here.

Please do, first hand experience is always appreciated here. And welcome to the forum!
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From my experience with a few private health insurance companies - the policy will dictate what happens.
All of my previous ones stated that in the case of an emergency that I can be treated in any hospital. If once stable and requiring further treatment or care, they might transfer me to another hospital.
If I am going in a non-emergency situation, I must either use one of the approved medical centres (usual links on the websites) or that I can go anywhere I like, but they will only reimburse XX% of costs (Previous policy 90%, current policy 80%)
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