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RUI Oliva Beach, Corralejo
Ecologists ask that RIU be sanctioned: "Hiding information, not a victim"

The association Ben Magec demands the rejection of the reform of the Oliva Beach, demands that the Government promote the nullity of the concession of the public domain and that the company “does not pay it” with the workforce

“The multinational RIU falsified and concealed essential information” about the Oliva Beach apartment complex, nestled in the Dunes of Corralejo, which, had it been known, would have prevented the concession of the public domain that it enjoys since 2003. Therefore, “no You can present yourself as a victim. ”

This is highlighted by the Ecological Federation Ben Magec after hearing the reports of the State Advocacy and the General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea that conclude that the concession for the 432 apartments and 10 commercial premises is void of full right , since that RIU hid that it did not meet the key requirement of being the owner of all real estate.

The Ministry for Ecological Transition has begun the process to review the concession ex officio to Oliva Beach and Ben Magec demands that the file be promoted and cancelled. "The legal support of the facilities" built in the Dunes "and, therefore, their continuity in the public maritime land domain," the environmental federation states, is questioned.

The ministry's criteria are that, since the apartment complex was not built and in use before the Coastal Law came into force in July 1988, it could not legally access a concession .

"RIU is solely responsible for this situation," says the environmental federation, which criticizes the "dilemma created intentionally" by the company, which faced "the maintenance of employment" with "the observance of the law and environmental conservation ”.

That "dichotomy" does not exist, says Noelia Sánchez, secretary of Ecologists in Action in the Islands. "There has been a scenario where it seems that there is no choice but to choose between two irreconcilable options, respect legality and the environment or preserve jobs," he adds.

"The story that has been constructed of the facts is false and completely manipulated," says the environmental spokeswoman. From Ben Magec the ministry is also requested “the beginning of a sanction file” to RIU for the “serious violations of the Coastal Law”.

Last year, the tourism chain activated a pressure campaign, with the threat of an Employment Regulation File (ERE) on a workforce of 370 workers, to which the unions joined, while “political leaders of different kinds publicly showed their total support to the hotel multinational ”and“ a sector of the media put the focus on administrative action, calling it reactionary and contrary to the general interest, ”says the environmental federation.

For Ben Magec, if RIU "wants to present itself as a socially and environmentally committed company, it must take responsibility for its actions and offer different alternatives to the opening of an ERE, especially by having three more large hotels in Fuerteventura."

The RIU group has a total of about one hundred establishments, almost 30,000 employees and a turnover that exceeds 2,100 million euros. "In the same way that practically the jobs do not increase when the benefits increase, even knowing that the current scenario" of the Olive Beach "could happen, they have not anticipated in advance solutions for their workforce."

"Exceptional" dune system

The Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo will focus on the conservation groups of the State, led by Ecologists in Action, "to enforce current legislation on environmental matters."

It will be one of the keys of the campaign Without biodiversity, there is no life that will spread throughout 2020. In the recent Social Summit for Climate held in Madrid, the situation of the Dunes was taken as an example as “a protected natural space overwhelmed for speculative interests, ”says Honorio Galindo, president of Turcón, one of the groups represented in the file.

The Oliva Beach is embedded in a “live and exceptional” dune system, of great natural and scenic value, environmentalists emphasize. This is evidenced by several protection figures on the environment: Natural Park since 1982, Place of Community Importance (SCI) within the Natura 2000 Network since 2001, Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) since 2006 and, since that year, Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA).

Courtesy of Diario de Fuerteventura.
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