Hi , please check the State of emergency thread.

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movement state emergency freedom limited

State of emergency - Limited freedom of movement
Aah, but you can use a bathroom Tom! It's not for exercise but for expulsion!
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(27-03-2020, 07:48 PM)Cotillo_Tom Wrote: I do find it strange that you can go out to exercise your dog but pure humans can't go out to exercise!!


As a non-dog-having outdoor exercise enthusiast, this absolutely infuriates me, but it is what it is. If they didn't allow this it would amount to animal abuse (and potentially a hygiene/health hazard as not all owners have private outdoor space). I guess by limiting it to dog owners only, and only in their local environment, they have clamped down on a lot of movement of people. 

You've seen the trouble they're having in the UK with people exercising in groups and in places they shouldn't, so I guess they wanted to avoid that completely and have succeeded. The streets are virtually abandoned, which they absolutely would not be if running and walking was allowed. I think they were trying to hammer the "stay home" message as strongly as humanly possible without total lockdown where the army deliver food to the door and you can't put a toe outside!
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To be fair. They are employing the measures necessary to create social distancing & enforce where required. I wish they were doing the same a bit more robustly in the U.K. although things have improved we are still nowhere near the same level as everyone else seems to be. Time will tell what was the right course of action 🤔🤔
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From El Pais, just now:

Spanish government tightens lockdown to include all non-essential workers:

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Saturday the total lockdown of all 47 million Spaniards apart from those who are working in essential sectors, in a bid to halt the spread of the Coronavirus and to reduce the congestion of the country’s intensive care units. At an extraordinary Cabinet meeting on Sunday, ministers will approve the confinement of non-essential workers to their homes for the next two weeks.
Today the Health Ministry announced that a total of 5,704 people had died so far in Spain as a result of the global pandemic, with 72,248 infections detected. More than 40,600 Coronavirus patients are currently hospitalized, while 12,285 have recovered from the Covid-19 disease and have been discharged from hospital. A total of 4,575 patients are currently in intensive care.
The Spanish Cabinet declared a state of alarm two weeks ago today, introducing measures that confined residents to their homes apart from certain conditions, such as leaving to purchase food or medication, or to go to their place of work.
These conditions will still stand, but will restrict the movement of residents in Spain apart from those who work in the sectors of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, the health sector, veterinarians, opticians, hygiene products, the press, fuels for the automotive sector, tobacconists, IT and telecommunications vendors, pet food, internet vendors and dry cleaners.
Speaking on Saturday evening, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez insisted that during this period, workers “would continue to receive their salaries as usual.” After the health emergency has passed, workers will have to recuperate the hours that they have missed on a gradual basis, over time.
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