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islands canary volcanic activity split

Volcanic activity in Canary Islands 2020
Involcan have added this new video of the swarm since 24th July look how it has enlarged.
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The swarm has been continuing but I think IGN have stopped listing the eartquakes as nothing listed for La Palma since approx 04:00 unless the activity has just stopped.

Click on the link below to view the earthquakes.
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The IGN site is not working at the moment.
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The Guayota for La Palma.

Statement from Involcan. Translated.

''We are pleased to inform you that, starting today, a weekly graphic informative of INVOLCAN will be issued weekly on the monitoring of the Earthquake-volcanic activity of La Palma. In this web link you can download the GUAYOTA-La Palma on July 31, 2020. This week we started editing it in Spanish and English. In the coming weeks it will also be provided in other languages. We edit it in color as well as in white and black for the purpose of reproducing it weekly by the media. This weekly graphic informative is prepared thanks to the LPvolcano projects, which funds the Security and Emergency Area of the Cabildo Island of La Palma, and CANvolcano, which funds the Directorate General for Security and Emergencies of the Government of the Canary Islands.''

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Latest update courtesy of Enrique.


''CONTINUES THE DEEP SASMIC HARM IN THE ISLAND OF THE PALM, UNDER THE OLD CUMBER VOLCAN.- 30/07/2020. Today I will look at the pattern of regional efforts of the last days, which is an N - S very clear judging by the shear of efforts. In this shear I have included today's two earthquakes from 3.1 and 3.2 to NE of Tenerife..

29.3898 30/07/2020 05:43:31-14.6746 5,0 km M 3.1 mbLg ATLANTIC-CANARIAS
29.4325 30/07/2020 04:45:36-14.6454 30 km M 3.2 mbLg ATLANTIC-CANARIAS

The seismicity on the island of La Palma continues, of the 6 s located earlier, have put another 6 of magnitude less than 1,7 a while ago so today is a dozen deep earthquakes located, 2 of them above magnitude 2 this morning. Still more signs so they won't be long to locate.

es2020owtqe 28.5781 30/07/2020 15:19:04-17.8499 28 km M 1.8 mbLg SW MAZO VILLA. ILP
es2020owjdl 28.5381 30/07/2020 10:01:06-17.8276 25 km M 2.3 mbLg NE FUENCALIENT OF THE PALM. IL
es2020owfpd 28.5528 30/07/2020 08:13:34-17.8098 27 km M 2.2 mbLg SW MAZO VILLA. ILP
es2020owder 28.5040 30/07/2020 07:00:45-17.9175 27 km M 1.9 mbLg W FUENCALENT OF THE PALM. ILP
es2020owany 28.5879 30/07/2020 05:40:38-17.7679 29 km M 1.8 mbLg MAZO VILLA. ILP

es2020ovzyi 28.5993 30/07/2020 05:22:27-17.7959 26 km M 1.7 mbLg W MAZO VILLA. ILP
es2020ovywu 28.5614 30/07/2020 04:50:21-17.9417 32 km M 1.9 mbLg S TAZACORT. ILP
es2020ovxqt 28.6306 30/07/2020 04:13:00-17.8253 24 km M 1.4 mbLg SW HIGH BREÑA. ILP
es2020ovxnh 28.5374 30/07/2020 04:08:58-17.8045 16 km M 1.4 mbLg NE PALM FUENCALENT. ILP
es2020ovwxb 28.5672 30/07/2020 03:50:04-17.8609 26 km M 1.5 mbLg N FUENCALENT OF THE PALM. ILP

es2020ovwky 28.5654 30/07/2020 03:35:55-17.8619 28 km M 1.6 mbLg N FUENCALENT OF THE PALM. ILP
es2020ovtlw 28.6009 30/07/2020 02:06:05-17.9077 28 km M 1.2 mbLg SE TAZACORT. ILP

El Hierro and the volcano of Enmedio, quieter today, without localized seismicity at the moment. In Tenerife they have located a microsism only in the area of the boiler, on the hillside of the Teide, in what would be the extension N of the Roques de Garcia.

Follow the swarm and the Pevolca still does not meet to see what they do or what measures they take, because if this swarm continues long, it will indicate the entrance of fresh magma under the island and its evolution could give many headaches, especially if it will evolve towards the surface, which would take many months, even a couple of very very busy years. We will see what happens, at the moment there is nothing more, GPS indicate nothing relevant and the gases do not know anything, nor will it be known until within a month at least, that will be the time that takes to notice the pulse when rising surface.. (Enrique).''

es2020ovziy 28.2338 30/07/2020 05:04:31-16.6498 15 km M 0.4 mbLg N VILAFLOR OF CHASNA. ITF


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Jand is taking a break at present so I'll do my best to update the activity reported on IGN.

Main activity over the last few days has been centred on La Palma and Tenerife:

[Image: BGZVOqd.png]

(I'll miss the analysis by Enrique!)
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Activity over the last few days has been centred on Tenerife:

[Image: dTaxVuw.png]
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