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cocaine kilos seized

100 Kilos of Cocaine seized
from Radio Sintonia:

100 kilos of cocaine are seized in a container with bags of sugar in the Canary Islands.
The Civil Guard of the Fiscal Detachment of the Port of La Luz in coordination with Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency in Las Palmas, (Canary Islands) have intervened, on February 21, two bags with a total weight of approximately 100 kilos of cocaine that was hidden between bags of sugar in a container from Brazil.

This is the second intervention of cocaine in the Canary Islands of the same characteristics, which is carried out in this port in recent days after the apprehension of 268 kilos, also from Brazil, carried out on February 17.

These seizures are the result of the monitoring and joint surveillance carried out by both the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency in port facilities. In recent months, extensive documentary analyses of ships from Brazil have been carried out, as well as inspections of containers suspected of housing cocaine hidden among the bags of sugar they were transporting.

Therefore, a reconnaissance was carried out at the Border Inspection Center of the Port of La Luz where, after extracting numerous bags from the container, two of them were observed that, although they seemed identical to the rest at first glance, had a different consistency to the touch. The fact that the sacks were slightly more loaded than the rest and that the substance they contained was more compact and its grain considerably thinner than the rest, made the researchers suspicious.

Once separated, we proceeded to the opening of both packages and the extraction of a small sample of each one. After the corresponding narcotics test, both samples tested positive for cocaine.

Novel concealment method

While the transport of cocaine between sacks of sugar is a common 'modus operandi' on the part of organized drug trafficking gangs, the way in which the drug was hidden is novel.

Instead of the usual rectangular and compact blocks, the drug was in bulk inside the bags, without compacting, a method that made it difficult to find as no differences were found with the naked eye with the rest of the packages.
The drug has been made available to the corresponding judicial authority in the Canary Islands. The Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency, together with the Civil Guard, continue the investigation in order to locate possible involved and thus achieve the clarification of the facts.
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