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driest past years 2019 one

2019 - One of the Driest Years in the past 30 Years
2019 was one of the driest in the past 30 years, with the majority of the rain falling in March and December.

The rain has barely made an appearance in the last year, which not only makes the last months seem like winter, but also is very harmful for the island's crops. And is that 2019 has become one of the driest years of the last 30 years and 2020 does not seem to bring much rain.
Of the total rainfall indicated, most of the rainfall was collected in the months of March and December. Very little, almost non-existent, were the rainfall from April to October, while in the rest of the months of the year that just ended they did not exceed 4.7 liters per square meter.
Summer was very dry, almost normal in island circumstances, but autumn was also extremely dry. Winter has the same path and so far there is no rainfall in sight.
This drought has affected how it could not be otherwise for all crops on the island, without exception and has offered few options to irrigate the few farmers on the island with rainwater.
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