Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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cancelled travel 2020

2020 travel cancelled?....
Hi everyone,
I really hope everyone reading this is safe and well. We are yearly regulars to the island and heard on the grapevine that the Spanish government held a meeting last week looking to cancel all visits to fuerteventura and Lanzarote for 2020. We are due to travel to Caleta mid July so our holiday will more than likely be cancelled anyway but it’s slightly concerning how the island can survive with no travel throughout 2020. Thoughts?
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Hello Ben, welcome to the forum! 
Grapevines are best for growing grapes! 
I certainly haven't heard anything of the sort. I really, really hope that things can start getting back to normal soon but at the moment the progression of the virus is still day to day stuff and no one, anywhere, has any definite answers to 'how long' in any context.
Sincerely hope we can welcome you back to Fuerte sooner rather than later. 
Keep safe, wherever you are at the moment.
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Thank you for the reply, we hoped this was the case. For obvious reasons everyone’s safety is priority but for the island to have zero travellers is not good. In the UK, travelling abroad is looking to be cancelled up to the end of May so all being well this can start moving again, but again everyone’s safety is priority over a holiday!
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Welcome to the forum Ben!

It's really hard to predict the future without checking my crystal ball 🔮 and unfortunately can't find it RN.

Even if everything goes back to normal (is there such a thing?), the tourism will be the last sector to overcome the COVID crisis because the risk of someone bringing the virus back to the island will be still high for quite a while.

Saying that, I'm still hoping to be back in the air in a couple of months 🤞🤞- glass half full guy here.
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Welcome to the forum Ben, as somebody who visits the island 4-5 times a year I look forward to when it is safe for everybody to travel. If it is the end of the year so b it. I know the industry on the island will struggle I hope the Spanish government are able to put financial support in place.
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Welcome to the forum Ben
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Welcome to the "idiot free" forum Ben.
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There have been news reports/rumours that they are planning on keeping the hotels closed until October. But I don't think anything official. 

The thing is even if they say you can open tomorrow everything else needs to be working. Flights, suppliers and any staff that had been sent home brought back. The locals aren't too hard to call back but some of the tourism staff aren't locals.
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Welcome Ben,  you will find plenty of informative up to date information on this forum.

As others have mentioned how long is a piece if string, Spain and the Canaries in particular may get over this sooner than other parts of Europe but do we want to allow those countries tourist to visit the islands to soon and risk spreading the virus again.

I also think sensible people will be reluctant to take flights until after a couple of months of no new cases as they don't want to risk being on a plane with a passenger that may have the virus.
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Good Morning and welcome Ben, I tend to agree with WG, even if life for us on the Island returns to whatever normal will be say by June, and that's a big if it is going to be months after that before they are going to allow international travel.
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