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airport birds intercepted gc 39 luggage

39 birds intercepted in luggage at GC airport
The Fiscal Protection Service of the Gran Canaria Airport and during a control of passengers from Seville, located in the hand luggage of one of the travelers a wooden box of small dimensions in which 39 specimens of birds came in an overcrowded way, this means of transport being incompatible with a minimum of animal welfare, protecting this consignment of animals with a veterinary certificate for the transfer of 16 canaries.

For these facts, the Administrator of Customs and Special Taxes of the
Airport, delivers the animals to the
Nature Protection Service, SEPRONA, of the Civil Guard of Las Palmas, for transfer to
the Fauna Recovery Center of the Cabildo de Gran Canarias and to
take charge of the investigation of the fact.

After the identification and inspection of the animals carried out by the veterinarian of the
Center for the Recovery of Fauna D. Pascual Calabuig, it was confirmed that they were
wild birds specifically 5 linaceros (Linaria cannabina), 5
Lugano (Carduelis spinus) and 29 Goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis) a large part of them
without ringing and those with rings these were open, without identification of the
owner and unofficial, they also lacked a container of water and food
and found a dead specimen.

In the efforts carried out by SEPRONA it is found that the animals
came from the province of Huelva, where an alert has been declared for the
detection of an outbreak of avian influence, proceeding the veterinarian to carry out a
check on the entire group of birds intervened confirming the analyzes that
the birds are not affected by the virus but if a serious parasitosis
is detected and a high load of clostridia, which caused the death of fourteen specimens due
to stress during transport.

These birds enjoy a general protection regime in accordance with Directive
2009/147/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, of November
30, 2009, on the conservation of wild birds, being prohibited to kill or capture them intentionally, having not issued the Junta de Andalucía
any authorization for exceptional capture of finches for
more than two years.

For this action of capturing and possessing wildlife in contravention of the laws of
a general nature and for an unjustified mistreatment when bringing the animals in an overcrowded way
causing the death of specimens, proceedings are instructed against a
neighbor of Telde (Las Palmas) for an alleged crime related to the
Protection of Flora, Fauna and Domestic Animals and delivered to the Court of Guard of
Telde (Las Palmas)
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