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cotillo urban pitch threatens

A new urban 'pitch' threatens El Cotillo
A promoter of Tenerife intends to stay with 325,000 square meters while claiming that in the future Insular Plan include an urbanization with 3,000 tourist beds

The real estate bubble seems to never end in Fuerteventura. A promoter of Tenerife intends to stay with 325,000 square meters between El Roque and El Cotillo, while claiming that in the new Insular Plan of Ordination (PIOF) the lands are being reclassified to build a macro tourism urbanization.

The town of El Cotillo is one of the most coveted pieces for urban speculation. The company Promociones COTUCASA, based in Tenerife, is the owner of a part of the huge virgin space that extends between the core of El Roque and the town of El Cotillo.

Specifically, it has registered 560,205 square meters, but it intends to acquire another 324,800 square meters that are not registered in the name of anyone in the Land Registry.

The operation that has been launched by the developer consists in initiating a procedure to "update" the dimensions of its farm, in such a way that it intends to increase its area, modify the boundaries, annex the aforementioned 324,800 square meters and obtain a total of 885,006 square meter.

The developer has launched the file to increase the "capacity" of the property using the procedure "rectification file description, area or boundaries" provided in Article 201 of the Mortgage Law.

From the Notary of Corralejo notifications have been sent to landowners who border the property of the promoter COTUCASA, whose administrator is Julia Alison Killick, so that, in the case of feeling injured, they can appear and "oppose" or argue that they deem appropriate "in defence of their rights".

The alarm has jumped among owners of land in the area that may be affected and some have already filed allegations in the file. In the North, concern circulates and word of mouth works: the advice of neighbours to others is constant to put their writings and inheritances in order.

In the collective imaginary are present the multiple cases in Fuerteventura of appropriations of properties and houses for lack of knowledge of their legitimate owners, or the dreaded domain files.

The intentions of the company with the land -the ones it has in its name and the ones it wants to register- are clear: when the Regional Ministry of Planning, headed by Blas Acosta, opened the window for the presentation of suggestions to the new PIOF, the promotora presented an initiative to include a macro urbanization of almost 3,000 hotel beds at the entrance of El Cotillo, with sports facilities and a geriatric related to tourism exploitation.

The circumstance arises that when the initiative was presented to the Insular Plan, the promoter claimed in the documentation that it was already the owner of 834,738 square meters. The company wanted to take advantage of the fact that the Insular Plan in process contemplated the granting of up to 1,000 beds to hotels linked to "sports facilities" or "health, spas and similar".

In addition, the project presented by COTUCASA for the macro urbanization of El Cotillo proposes to create a kind of bypass and a new road from El Roque to the lighthouse and also to the south.

The project details the urbanization of almost half a million square meters and, according to the company, the cost would amount to 263 million euros, of which 179 would go to the construction of hotel equipment.

The Insular Plan of Ordination has remained on the table and its processing has been postponed pending the next electoral results. In one of the drafts of the new insular planning specified the considered "strategic tourist areas" with which Fuerteventura could have. One of them is El Cotillo, a wide strip of more than 1.8 million square meters.

The PIOF recognized its proximity to "protected areas for their natural values", such as a nearby area of special protection for birds. However, he considered it to be "an ideal location for the location of a strategic tourist area that already re-qualifies the existing one, as the main tourist area of the north-west coast of Fuerteventura". In this sense, the urbanization of the area between the Los Lagos urbanization to the north and the land between El Roque and El Cotillo to the south was considered.

Rejection of the City Council

The mayor of La Oliva, Jesse Blanco, has tried to calm the spirits of the neighbours. He assures that the City Council does not intend to expand urban or tourist land in the town of El Cotillo and that the area in which the promoter COTUCASA is promoting a macro urbanization should be maintained "as rustic land in future planning".

Blanco is committed to "maintaining the identity of El Cotillo as a fishing village." "Our bet is a model of quality and not quantity, first improve what we already have, what a good lack it makes", he adds. The councillor of Urbanism, Omaira Saavedra, assures that the Consistory has requested to the Town hall that does not qualify "no strategic tourist ground in the surroundings of the Cotillo".

The PIOF team

In January of last year, in the Antigua casino, the draft of the new PIOF was presented, under the auspices of the counsellor Blas Acosta. Its editor has been Francisco González Jaraba, whose office was sealed and registered by the Police in 2007 within the framework of the 'Góndola operation'. González Jaraba is also in charge of the General Plan of La Oliva.

The environmental officer of the PIOF is the biologist Rosendo López. His name appears linked to another urban operation in El Cotillo, that of the 'SAU 8', which was later annulled by the courts. López also signs the environmental study for a hotel complex on the coast in El Cotillo, in the area of Marfolín, which proposed the elimination of a street and that raised a wave of rejection in the town.

Courtesy of Diario de Fuerteventura

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Sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one & claim land that has no “immediately evident owner”. I wonder if any of us got hold of a land registry map, picked out a patch in the same way & asked to be registered as the owner would we get away with it !!! I think not !!!
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