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las ai way cabras

AI on way for Las Cabras
from Noticias:

Genetic selection, key to improving the breed of the majorera goat.

Last Thursday, February 24, the general assembly of accf members took place at the Pozo Negro Experimental Farm.
Meeting where the balance of the work carried out in 2021 and the approval of the Internal Regulations of the ACCF was carried out, said regulation was approved by a majority.


During the course of the meeting, the work plan for this year 2022 was presented, "with great advances for the partners, since this year will begin with artificial insemination within the farms of the selection nucleus, with stallions from the same farm, to reinforce the offspring of the breeding animals within the selection nucleus".

"We have been intensifying the work at the base, for the improvement of the stallions, removing the null animals for the casein genes, this year from the association we take a step further with the seminal quality, the importance of the stallions is very high since it is 50% of the fertility and genetic improvement in the farms", affirmed from the association.
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First center of majorera goat stallions.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura maintains its commitment to collaborate with the Association of Goat Breeders of Fuerteventura for the maintenance of the majorera goat breed and the creation of the first majorera goat stallion center in the Canary Islands.


This collaboration is reflected in an agreement signed last year with the National Federation of Breeders of the Caprina Majorera Breed to which the center that the Association of Goat Breeders of Fuerteventura has in Tefía, in the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, belongs.


Thanks to this agreement, the Federation received a nominated subsidy from the Cabildo majorero of 165,400 euros for the start-up of the center of stallions of majorera goat. This Money has been invested in the placement of solar panels, laboratory, office equipment, etc. Along with this aid from the island administration, the Federation received 67,000 euros from the Government of the Canary Islands and another 35,000 euros from the City Council of Puerto del Rosario "to create what will be the first center in the Canary Islands dedicated to the breeding of stallions of majorera goat breed in which semen will be extracted for artificial insemination", explains Eva Cano, technician of the Association of Goat Breeders of Fuerteventura.


The president of the Cabildo, Sergio Lloret López, believes that this center will contribute to the genetic improvement of the native goat and to increase the quality of the milk and cheeses produced on the island, which will benefit the farmers.


For the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, David de Vera, "it is essential to support a project of this caliber, which will place Fuerteventura at the center of research, study and consolidation of the majorera goat breed, in addition to artificial insemination and the commercialization of genetics".

In addition to the financial aid, the Island Council, through the Works and Machinery Service, has proceeded to compact the entire outer surface of the warehouse that occupies the stallion center, both in the front and the side, an action that consisted of regularizing the surface of the esplanade with recebe.
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Radio Sintonia:

The Majorera Goat Stallion Center will open its doors on April 21.

In a statement issued by the Cabildo de Fuerteventura president of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Sergio Lloret, visited today, Thursday, March 9, in the company of Eva Cano, technician of the Association of Goat Breeders of Fuerteventura, the works that are being developed for the execution of the new Stallion Center of the Majorera Goat Breed of Tefía.


Guarantee the breed of the majorera goat

Some works that, according to the island councilor, "fortunately, are very advanced and (this center) will be a benchmark in the Canary Islands and in Spain to guarantee, from the genetic point of view, the breed of majorera goat."

The Insular Institution actively collaborates with the Association, as part of its commitment to consolidate the majorera goat population to improve and maintain the breed, as well as the morphology, useful life and production of a species that is in danger of extinction. All this, with the added objective of increasing the quality of the milk and cheeses that are made, which will benefit the livestock sector of the Island.

In that sense, in view of the official inauguration of the center, which will be held on April 21, Cano told the island president that the main thing is to have a water network for the entire center, so that you can start working with the infrastructures.

The Cabildo will allocate 60 thousand euros to complete the works

"We are already studying some of the requests that the Association has made us to carry out some actions, which we will do immediately, of cooperation to finish the works, as well as some complementary needs, economic resources, which we are already studying with the remnants of the Cabildo," said Lloret at the end of the meeting.

The contribution by the Cabildo to finish the works of the center, which requires around 60 thousand euros to complete the work, as well as financing for maintenance, personnel costs and operation of the center, were some of the requests expressed by the Association.

Finally, the president of the Cabildo thanked the Association for the work it has been doing and "the effort it has made to carry out this important project that it has had and that will have the support of the Insular Institution," he said.

Yearbook Presentation 2021

 This afternoon will take place the presentation of the yearbook of the Association of Goats of Fuerteventura, which is part of the National Federation of Breeders of the Goat Breed Majorera. It was created in 2010 by several farmers on the island with the aim of protecting and improving the breed.

The presentation will take place at the Majorera Goat Breed Stallion Center in Tefía, the first center of its kind in the Canary Islands.
Of the native breeds of the Archipelago, the predominant is the majorera with a population that exceeds 72 thousand registered copies, 35% of the regional goat census. Its productive superiority and its ability to adapt in conditions of extreme aridity makes it unique in its kind.

link to article for pic
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Radio Sintonia:

The Stallion Center of the Majorera Goat Breed will open its doors this Friday, April 21.

This Friday, April 21, starting at 17:30 p.m., the opening ceremony of the Majorera Goat Breed Stallion Center will take place, a new milestone in the breeding program of this emblematic animal of Canarian livestock, and producer of milk and majorero cheese, awarded worldwide.

During the last decade, the FECAMA (National Federation of Breeders of the Majorera Goat Breed) and the three associations that make it up, based in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife, have promoted the recovery and genetic improvement of the breed, currently having about 13,000 copies registered in the studbook, and have worked on the productive improvement of goat milk, thanks to a joint work with livestock farms and institutions that support the program.

All this work will take a qualitative leap thanks to the commissioning of this new space, which opens its doors in the Cascajos de Almácigo (Puerto del Rosario). Because from now on, "thanks to the founding group of selected purebred males, and with the health guarantee that this center gives us, we will be able to connect the cabins of the Canary Islands with each other more easily, taking a great leap in the breeding program of the majorera goat breed," said Iriome Perdomo, president of FECAMA.

The center is designed to accommodate up to 70 stallions, and begins operating with modern facilities that already house six male candidates, currently in sanitary isolation. It is a space that "has the necessary technology for the extraction, laboratory analysis, freezing and distribution of semen from these specimens," adds Perdomo.

Superior genetics and health control
The specimens hosted at the Male Center have been previously selected after assessing their ancestry and their dairy biotype. "We are looking for genetically superior males," says Gabriel Fernández de Sierra, technical director of the breeding program. "The associations have constituted their selection nuclei, making production records for ten years, and selecting the most productive specimens. We already have milk control, with objective data, in addition to the genealogical control of the new generations through DNA filiation tests.

For hundreds of years, farmers have selected for their crosses the specimens they considered best. That is what breeding consists of, and in the Canary Islands, it has given rise to an enormously productive breed, resistant and adapted to arid climates. This process takes a leap with the creation of the studbook, guaranteeing the purity of the registered animals. And the last step, before which we find ourselves, is the reproduction of purebred specimens by artificial insemination. Thanks to this, "in a short period of time, we will be able to have many more goats and males in follow-up. It is a phenomenal advance in the genetic improvement program, "says Fernández.

But it is not possible to develop this process without health guarantees, because it is necessary "to prevent the presence of diseases that can be transmitted by semen, and thus prevent other farms from being contaminated," says Christian de la Fe, professor of animal health at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Murcia, who has been in charge of the health evaluation of the candidate males.

"It would be unfeasible to analyze each seminal dose. But we can prevent any infection from leaving the center, guaranteeing the sanitary control of the selected stallions both in the entry process and during their stay in the center. That is why quarantine and isolation are necessary, because we try to prevent the entry of animals with infectious, viral or bacterial diseases, which can be transmitted between farms, "says the veterinarian.

The group of six male breederscandidates welcomed at the center are the beginning of a future project. Once it is at full capacity, the genetics of the majorera goat breed could be exported not only to the Canary Islands, but to other parts of the national territory, and even to other countries. The majorera goat is an animal recognized and appreciated for its resistance and productivity, and there are many countries that, if health regulations admit it, would be interested in getting hold of its genetics from the commercialization of germplasm, something that in turn represents a commercial opportunity for livestock herds in the Canary Islands.

Invitation and acknowledgments
FECAMA, together with the three associations that make it up, the Association of Goat Breeders of Fuerteventura, the Insular Association of Breeders of the Majorera Goat in Gran Canaria, and the Insular Association of Breeders of the Majorera Goat in Tenerife, invite interested people to participate in the opening ceremony of the Machos Center.

At the same time, they convey their gratitude to all the people, institutions and companies involved, such as the twenty farms that participate in the genetic improvement program of the breed, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura and the Government of the Canary Islands, the town halls, or entities such as health defense associations, the Canarian and Murcia universities, GDR Maxorata or GMR Canarias, as well as companies such as Piensos del Atlántico, Sociedad Cooperativa COEXFUR, Graneros de Fuerteventura or CAPRIFUER.
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