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las ai way cabras

AI on way for Las Cabras
from Noticias:

Genetic selection, key to improving the breed of the majorera goat.

Last Thursday, February 24, the general assembly of accf members took place at the Pozo Negro Experimental Farm.
Meeting where the balance of the work carried out in 2021 and the approval of the Internal Regulations of the ACCF was carried out, said regulation was approved by a majority.


During the course of the meeting, the work plan for this year 2022 was presented, "with great advances for the partners, since this year will begin with artificial insemination within the farms of the selection nucleus, with stallions from the same farm, to reinforce the offspring of the breeding animals within the selection nucleus".

"We have been intensifying the work at the base, for the improvement of the stallions, removing the null animals for the casein genes, this year from the association we take a step further with the seminal quality, the importance of the stallions is very high since it is 50% of the fertility and genetic improvement in the farms", affirmed from the association.
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