Hi guest and welcome to the Fuerteventura forum. This is just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere on the island.

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Accepting Cookies
Hi Sam
Can you set it so that once a member logs in they are automatically accepting the cookie T&Cs i.e.so you don't have to do two things as you do at present?
Some sites use the term if you continue you are accepting our Cookie T&Cs which is what you are effectively doing by logging in.

HTH - John
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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It still has to be separate because we're having users that are not logging in. They have to see the cookie note. As long as you accept it from a device and won't delete cookies the message won't appear. If you'll visit from another (read new) device you'll have to accept the cookies again, no matter if you're an member or not, that's the rules, can't do anything about it.
I can make it a less annoying in the future, move it to the footer for example. Will that help, John?
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Sorry John for taking a while, I just completely forgot about it, TBH. Have been doing some edits to the code and received PM from you and it sort of triggered my memory. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

It's now sitting at the bottom of the main page, to keep the internet rulers happy.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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