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over gateway data replacing televes coax advice

Advice on Replacing Televes Data over Coax Gateway
A few years ago our complex had Internet & TV installed using the old existing cabling in apartments. We had to purchase a Televes Data over Coax Gateway which provided Ethernet and WiFi connections. The installation and boxes came from Mundo Digital  in Puerto del Rosario.  A separate connection running from this box provided  TV channels. As the Televes setup is getting a bit old now I’m looking at alternative ways to replace it.  As I’m stuck in the UK for a while I was wondering if I could source some kit here which would replace my ageing system. My limited knowledge suggests I need to (1) split the two signals coming into the apartment on the coax cable and (2) feed the internet side into a router for Ethernet & WiFi and (3) feed the TV side to the TV(obviously) Smile .  I would be grateful for suggestions on what equipment / connectors etc I can use. Someone may have already updated their original system in this way as the Televes boxes are difficult to get.
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Not sure what you were hoping for when you say you want to upgrade, normally with these systems Mundo Digital would have a feed from a Spanish antenna and a feed from usually Sky and Nilesat for the best choice of free films and tv, then the complex pays for several phone lines to send out all combined through an amp to the complex coaxial network to your home, then connect a splitter to go your tv and ethernet router for internet. The only upgrade really is fibre but has it's own network in the complex not using the coaxial cables but normally installed up to the complex center from the street outside, then you would pay to have fiber cable to your home if the complex hasn't already done for everyone, which I highly doubt.

Maybe there might be companies willing to do the installation for free to get you hooked up to them, ask around the various websites and see if they have any offers on or email them, hope this helps
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