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over gateway data replacing televes coax advice

Advice on Replacing Televes Data over Coax Gateway
A few years ago our complex had Internet & TV installed using the old existing cabling in apartments. We had to purchase a Televes Data over Coax Gateway which provided Ethernet and WiFi connections. The installation and boxes came from Mundo Digital  in Puerto del Rosario.  A separate connection running from this box provided  TV channels. As the Televes setup is getting a bit old now I’m looking at alternative ways to replace it.  As I’m stuck in the UK for a while I was wondering if I could source some kit here which would replace my ageing system. My limited knowledge suggests I need to (1) split the two signals coming into the apartment on the coax cable and (2) feed the internet side into a router for Ethernet & WiFi and (3) feed the TV side to the TV(obviously) Smile .  I would be grateful for suggestions on what equipment / connectors etc I can use. Someone may have already updated their original system in this way as the Televes boxes are difficult to get.
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