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Aluminium door supply & fit
Anybody got recommendations for companies that will fit & supply an aluminium door? Would prefer if someone at company has someone who deals with English speakers.
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Copy&Pasta from another thread:

Enrique from El Matorral.

Decent Enflish, pretty close to Caleta, had a really nice experience. They manufacture aluminium doors and windows but offered to fit the glass units if I wanted too.


Calle el Arado, 63 Pol. ind. Matorral 35610 Puerto del Rosario

Tel.: 928543089 Movil: 626656996

Email: alu.tecfuer@gmail.com

A bit longer post why we chose to use this company in the first place: https://fuerteventura.click/Thread-Alumi...59#pid2659
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Mauricio - Spanish - but has sufficient English.
replaced windows and doors for me - I'm more than happy with the results.
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Many thanks Sam used David before & totally agree with your comments about how good he is. The other company you recommended I have contacted as well now, will see what they can offer me as well as David.
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