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amazon constantly buffering firestick

Amazon Firestick constantly buffering
I’ve registered with a Forum on the mainland (as per Tardis’s recommendation) and when I’m allowed to post on their Forum I’ll try to find out if anyone has problems with BBC Iplayer using a Firestick and VPN. Will report back on here when I get some responses.
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For the last few years I have used Express VPN with my Firestick and have had few problems watching iplayer.  Previously I used IP Vanish which was fine except when trying to view iplayer.  Perhaps you could try the 30 day free trial with Express VPN and see what happens?
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Thanks very much. Definitely worth trying so I’ll give it a go.
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For anyone who uses a Firestick with Nord VPN and suffers buffering on iplayer, try changing the Protocol in the Nord settings from TCP to UDP.
It hasn’t completely cured the buffering but it gives roughly 90 minutes Or so buffer free streaming. If it starts buffering again then delete the cache and it should stream again.
Took me a while to get to the bottom of it but hopefully this’ll help anyone who might come across the same issues.
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Try Streamlocator. Free 7 day trial. Works well on Firestick.
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