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tax council annual waste collection etc

Annual Council Tax (waste collection etc)
Hi all.
I’ve noticed that my annual direct debit for Council Tax is ‘sat’ in my CaixaBank account waiting to be ‘claimed’ by Pajara Council.
No problems in past years as it’s just come automatically out of my account in a one-off lump sum (250ish euros a year).
I’ve been on to Caixa and they say to get in touch with the Town Hall.
Has anyone had similar problems this year or advice as to how to sort as I want to get it paid.
Thanks in advance
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Had a similar problem in la Oliva.
I contacted town hall and they sent me a number to pay by bankers order.
Whilst trying to sort that I went on to the council on line and discovered I could pay using a Spanish  debit card which I did and it worked.
May work ,may not. Good luck
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