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apple manuka food cider honey vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka honey
Hi all

We are back over in 4 weeks all being well and would like to ask if you can buy apple cider vinegar and manuka honey at the likes of Mercadona, Lidl etc

Can't say we've noticed when out shopping pre COVID but thought you guys might know.

Just planning ahead, but if its not available we'll order it on Amazon and hope for the best !


Keith and Pam
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I get manzana vinegar in Mercadona but haven't found manuka honey on the island. I'd be pleased to know of a local source as well instead of bringing from UK.
Living my dream
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Have you tried Ecotienda Natural in Puerto del Rosario?  They seem to have just about everything "alternative" . You could email them and ask:

administració    or phone 928 53 19 79

I get all my supplements from there and they are very helpful, don't know if any of the staff speak English, but I would think Manuka honey (miel de manuka) is fairly universal!
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