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residency applying

Applying for residency
Myself my partner (not married) and 4 children would like to apply for residency. We have a house contract and I also have a pending work contract, the premises of which I intended to start work has been closed until further notice due to the pandemic. Both my parents also live here and have done for the last 14 years they both have residency, I didn't know if this has any relevance to us applying for residency. If any body could give me some advice on where I need to go for me to start the process that would be fantastic. Thankyou in advance.
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Hi Scarlett,

Are you a British Citizen?

Since the closing date for EU based applications was on 31.12.2020 - you will most likely now need to register as a national of a 3rd country.

The work contact would be your best bet, but as they have closed for now it might be hard getting everything you need.

I would suggest contacting Miguel from Boxx Pro (on holiday till 11.01) and letting him handle your case. He will be in the best position to advise you and do all the paperwork necessary.

The rules changed from 01.01.2021 due to Brexit, and so this is all new territory for almost all of us.
Most of the advice and guidance you will see on here will only apply to applications started before 01.01.2021.

Hopefully you will find a way, and can share your journey with us all.
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Thankyou so much for your reply that was very helpful.
I am a British citizen and will definitely contact Miguel after 11/1. Have you got his contact details or is it easy enough to find him through an internet search?
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Here's his FaceBook page

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Excellent, thankyou very much!
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