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climate april heat change

April, heat and climate change

April, heat and climate change.

(Pic 1)

The situation tends to be increasingly complex with overwhelming data on what we already have on top of us.

"It was simply impossible to see a +7.7C anomaly in April, but here it is. A curious fact, this month of May is when the greatest rise in the Spanish average we will experience with almost 5ºC in a few weeks, "in this way the doctor in physical geography and climate Dominic Royé expressed himself yesterday.

In this sense, in the whole of the Spanish state it is the driest and warmest April in history, and even being the last business card of global warming, this is not a specific episode, but a warning of what we already have above.

Faced with this uncomfortable scenario, warned for many years, but not accepted or answered in its proper form, the only possible remedy is to enable much more decisive and effective mitigation and adaptation measures.

We all know that the best way to mitigate climate change to avoid worst-case scenarios is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that the best way to reduce emissions is to stop burning fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, and coal. Something that is not happening.

The Atlantic is warming up

The oceans and seas are true stores of heat, which raise the surface temperatures of their waters. These Events have occurred before, but since modern satellite data became available, it had never happened.

(Pic 2)

Francisco Martín León, of the Superior Body of Meteorologists of the state affirms that "now the global surface temperatures of the waters have reached values above 21 ºC. All this occurs when a warm El Niño phenomenon has not yet developed.

In this sense, in this month of April, global sea surface temperatures now clearly exceed 21 °C, which had not been observed previously at any time of the year.

(Pic 3)

"If these trends continue and intense El Niño develops during the years 2023 and 2024, we would enter an 'unknown world' not previously contemplated in modern life. And all this in a context where the concentration of greenhouse gases increases in an increasingly warm world in the waters and in the atmosphere, "says Martín León.


In this situation we find ourselves, in which few people consider denying climate change anymore. But another way appears to hinder the work of science to alleviate it, the green neonegationimo.

In the words of Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo Gran Canario, "some speeches and statements by environmental activists and spokesmen, opposing and denying strategic projects to fight the climate emergency, only reaffirm the irresponsible retarding effects."

"Because the truth is that currently the Canary Islands have no alternative to lower energy costs, decarbonize their economy, fight against climate change, gain sovereignty and diversify their growth model than the large-scale installation of renewable energies, both with self-consumption plants on roofs and energy communities, as well as with generation plants and storage infrastructures. Whoever denies it is playing into the hands of the neo-deniers, obstructionists or retardists. He rides so much, he rides so much," he explains.

In this way and even finding ourselves already installed in parameters of climatic disaster, with temperatures exceeding all forecasts, with changes in temperature in the Atlantic Ocean, in Fuerteventura we also have "delayist policies" from the institutions and from the domes of different political parties.

Adapt or fall

What are times of change cannot be denied to anyone. Changes always represent opportunities, but there are those who close the door as if hidden everything happens and we are not affected by what is coming.

With regard to adaptation, the first step is acceptance. Accept that this is the time we have to live and that if we want to maintain the standard of living we have achieved it will be essential to change production and consumption habits.

Accept that, although the truth is sad, it may have a remedy if we all do everything possible to change habits: from companies to households, from governments to citizens, from the countryside to the shopping basket.

Policy and measures

The recommendations of international organizations, of the scientists of the world, of anyone who tries to explain what happens with some common sense, is the limitation of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and this is only achieved with nuclear energy or with renewables.

In Fuerteventura we are with the Special Territorial Plan for Renewable Energies, the regulatory framework that has stopped the implementation of renewables on the island in its tracks. It seeks to draft a standard where all sensitivities are represented to find the ideal geographical place for implementation, they have been 3 years, but to agree with the PIOF, the politicians of the island have more than 20. "In 2043, our children are likely to brand us as supine climate irresponsible."

In the words of Morales "we are facing a critical juncture. What we do in the next 20 years will condition the future of the planet and generations to come. Fortunately, after decades of struggle we are taking giant steps towards energy sovereignty. Hopefully a part of environmentalism reconsiders and abandons utopian positions that end up encouraging just the opposite of what they intend and move us away from the objective of making a fair and sustainable energy and ecological transition for Gran Canaria and its people".

Promoting renewables is an essential, urgent task and is everyone's responsibility, but the neo-deniers use countless arguments to create regulatory frameworks that limit this possibility. And that's where we are on the island, our model is like that of the PIOF..."let's make a stop, we'll see where we install this". Meanwhile, we follow the seafood bow.

link to article for pics
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