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energy areas projects approved renewable

Areas approved for renewable energy projects
Radio Sintonia:

The Cabildo urges the Government of the Canary Islands to immediately paralyze the PTECAN to avoid the deterioration of the majorero landscape.

The Ministry of Territorial Planning of the Cabildo has requested the Government of the Canary Islands to immediately paralyze the processing of the Canary Islands Energy Transition Plan 2030 (PTECAN). A plan that delimits the areas to install renewable energy infrastructures on the island and that could cause an unprecedented impact on the landscape and the territory of Fuerteventura.

Avoiding "mistakes of the past"
The PTECAN establishes 134 square kilometers to install wind turbines, increasing the power from 77 to 241 megawatts in a framework of seven years, as well as a space of similar length for the placement of photovoltaic plants. In the case of solar parks, the power would increase from 26 to 78 megawatts by 2030.

The president of the Cabildo, Lola García, said that "the institutions and society of Majorera must be heard and respected. We are not going to allow mistakes of the past to be repeated and to be planned from an office to respond to the interests of multinationals at the expense of the rural and natural environment of Majorero".

Fuerteventura decides
For her part, the Minister of the area, Nereida Calero, has written to the President of the Government of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, and the General Directorate of Energy, asking that this procedure be paralyzed, "since, a priori, it seems that the powers of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura in terms of planning are being invaded. It is the insular institution and the majorera society that must decide where these infrastructures are implemented and not the Government of the Canary Islands".

In addition, "these documents were published coinciding with the day on which the elections were called, with the governments of the institutions dissolved or in office."

"The first thing we have done when we arrived at the Cabildo is to inform us of the situation in which he was and get to work on this matter. However, we have not had the time to be able to carry out the detailed and exhaustive analysis that such a matter requires. For this reason, if the process is not suspended, we ask that, at least, the deadline for submitting allegations be extended," he explained.

Nereida Calero also adds that "we have presented this letter now, but we will do it again when the new Government of the Canary Islands takes office."

Defense of the Landscape
The Ministry of Territorial Planning has also asked the Directorate General of Agriculture to paralyze the processing of the Draft Regulation Regulating Agricultural Uses and Complementary Uses. A plan that establishes a unique model for the Autonomous Community and that supposes an unprecedented landscape impact in Fuerteventura, given that the cultivated and arable areas are changed or totally reduced.

"This is an even more serious situation, because we find the deadline for allegations expired (June 16). It was also published on the same date as the call for elections and we did not take office until the 26th. In this case, what is done is to urgently request that the document be paralyzed, given that the particularities of each island are not taken into account and what for others could have value, for Fuerteventura it is a serious deterioration, "he concludes.
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La Oliva against the Ecological Transition Plan of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The City Council calls "to respect municipal planning and promote solutions that minimize the visual impact and land consumption"

The City Council of La Oliva reiterates its firm position against the dispersed and indiscriminate installation of wind turbines and private photovoltaic parks in its territory. Under the direction of Mayor Isaí Blanco, the municipality has presented allegations to the PTECan-2030 Plan with the aim of promoting a sustainable and responsible energy model that harmonizes energy development with the preservation of the environment and the landscape of the area.

According to the city council "the framework of the ambitious Energy Transition Plan of the Canary Islands 2030 (Ptecan-2030), seeks to triple the wind and solar energy generation capacity on the island of Fuerteventura" and in this way "the City Council of La Oliva defends the right of the community to decide the energy model that best suits their needs and to agree on how it will be developed. According to the most recent data on energy consumption in the Canary Islands and specifically in Fuerteventura, the island has maintained a constant peak energy consumption at 100 megawatts per hour during the last decade, with the only exception of the impact of COVID-19".

The note states that "the City Council of La Oliva is in favor of clean energies, but considers it essential that they are properly regulated and that they truly benefit the island and its inhabitants. For this reason, it has presented allegations to the PTECan-2030 Plan in order to establish more rigorous procedures that ensure sustainable development and respect for the natural environment and the characteristic landscape of Fuerteventura ".

And the note ends by saying that "in an effort to promote the use of renewable energies, the City Council proposes the creation of one or more clean energy areas on industrial or urbanized land, near the consumption centers, to avoid the disorderly dispersion of projects that may negatively affect the environment and the well-being of the inhabitants of the island. "

According to the mayor, Isaí Blanco, "it is essential that the development of renewable energies be promoted; However, it is necessary to establish regulations that protect our valuable natural landscape. We cannot allow wind and photovoltaic farms to be installed indiscriminately."
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