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jable morro ferry canaria gran armas

Armas ferry Morro Jable / Gran Canaria
Radio Sintonia:

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura asks that the daily connectivity of Armas de Morro Jable to Gran Canaria be recovered.

The president of the Cabildo, Lola García, has asked the Government of the Canary Islands to hold a meeting with the Island Corporation and Naviera Armas to recover maritime connectivity between the port of Morro Jable and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. According to the Island Corporation, Naviera Armas has interrupted the daily connection between both ports and has limited it only to weekends, with the negative consequences that this entails for the commercial and social development of Fuerteventura.

Lola García has recently expressed her concern to the President of the Government of the Canary Islands about the interruption of the line operated by Naviera Armas. "Limiting operations only to weekends is a more serious issue than it seems, not only because it takes away mobility alternatives from the users and residents of Fuerteventura, but also because it means a loss of competitiveness of the island in general and the southern area in particular."

On the other hand, and taking into account that Morro Jable is the gateway of goods to the island, "if we interrupt it, we will be directing the disembarkation of these trucks to the area of Puerto del Rosario, harming the safety of our roads, since the main roads of the island will be congested with the considerable increase in heavy transport from north to south", says the island's president.

In short, "since the first rumours reached us through users, we have requested an urgent meeting with both the Government of the Canary Islands and those responsible for the company, who have agreed to analyse the current situation with the administration". "We know that the Government of the Canary Islands is also concerned about the situation and we hope that negotiations will begin as soon as possible to resolve the situation to maintain the connection with Armas and, if it cannot be with this shipping company, look for alternatives."

The Minister of Transport, Luis González, and the Minister of Tourism, Marlene Figueroa, join this demand to find a solution that guarantees that Fuerteventura does not lose rights and that adequate operability with the southern area of the island is maintained.
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The Director General of Transport seeks alternatives to the decision of Armas in Morro Jable.

The Director General of Transport assures that, in addition to Naviera Armas, there are other shipping companies that will continue to operate with the island and that they continue to look for alternatives

In an interview on the programme "A Buenas Horas con José Luis Martín", María Fernández, Director General of Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands, offered statements regarding the concern generated on the island of Fuerteventura by the possible interruption of the maritime connections of Naviera Armas between the island and Gran Canaria.

Fernandez addressed the concern that arose as a result of the news about the company Naviera Armas considering ceasing to operate connections during the week. He said that, after talks with the shipping company, it is guaranteed that the island will not be disconnected, since another company will continue to operate the line and Armas will continue to operate on weekends.

The director stressed that, although the news took everyone by surprise, conversations have been held with the shipping company to understand the situation and explore possible solutions. Although these business decisions are autonomous, efforts have been made to minimise their impact on the island's citizens and supply.

Regarding the prior communication of changes in the schedules of shipping companies, Fernández pointed out that maritime legislation establishes minimum deadlines that must be met, and measures would be taken in case of non-compliance. In addition, dialogue is underway with the shipping company to evaluate the possibility of reversing the decision or finding alternatives.

Line with Tarfaya

Regarding the maritime connection with the Port of Tarfaya, Fernández emphasized the importance of taking advantage of this opportunity for the primary sector of the Canary Islands, although he urged strict compliance with European requirements in terms of phytosanitary control and commercial regulations.
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Radio Sintonia:

María Fernández: "we have managed to strengthen connections from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Morro Jable and Puerto del Rosario".

The Director General of Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands, María Fernández, explained this morning that the Executive has held different meetings with the shipping companies operating in the archipelago with the aim of knowing their plans and analysing traffic data, and has assured that inter-island maritime connectivity is guaranteed.

María Fernández stressed that after learning of the route rescheduling announced by the operators on the islands, "despite these being business decisions in which we cannot intervene, we have analysed the passenger and freight traffic data to check if there was any reduction in service".

In this regard, the director pointed out that in the case of the route between Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Morro Jable, it was found that 7.58% of the freight load could be affected by the rescheduling. "Through intermediation and coordination with operators, we have managed to get them to reinforce connections from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Morro Jable and Puerto del Rosario to cover this possible deficit," he explained.

Likewise, María Fernández explained that the Executive has taken advantage of this round of meetings not only to analyse the current situation of maritime connectivity on the islands, but also to find out what future prospects shipping companies have and what commercial operations they are going to develop in the medium and long term. "We will ensure that no island in the archipelago is disconnected or undersupplied," he concluded.
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Fred Olsen does not rule out putting another boat in Morro Jable.

From next week it will move forward with a reinforcement of the line in the face of the departure of Armas

The Fred. Olsen will reinforce next week the Morro Jable-Las Palmas de Gran Canaria maritime connections with greater operability than it currently has, to try to reduce the pressure created with the departure of Armas from this route during the week.

Fred Olsen is considering, as soon as they have a boat available, to create another link to cover the line from Morro Jable to Puerto de La Luz.

This was conveyed by the Canarian company to María Fernández, Director General of Transport of the Government of the Canary Islands, after the suppression of two daily connections by Armas Trasmediterránea, from Monday to Friday, since the beginning of February.

The problems generated in the traffic of goods lead to almost all goods arriving through Puerto del Rosario, increasing insecurity on the roads and costs to shops, hotels, companies and residents of the municipality of Pájara.
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