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craft antigua artisan fair

Artisan Craft Fair in Antigua
I went along to the fair this morning. Beautiful Weather for it, lots of people, COVID protocols but no personal details recorded. To be honest I was a bit disappointed, I had been thinking there would be the bread, cheese, fruit and veg, plant stalls etc, but it was just the crafts. Some really interesting ones like leather work, woodwork and some beautiful silver jewellery, but lots of children's soft toys, crocheted stuff and lacework which is not to my taste. But all stalls had plenty of lookers, if not buyers.
The most interesting part of the fair for me was the array of old implements, mainly farming, that were on display around the site. Also pics of church, mainly the doors  Big Grin and some buildings and gardens/plants walking to and fro the car. (Car got dinged while it was parked,  Angry, but at least the guy had the decency to leave his contact details under a wiper.)

[Image: 8X6vPA4.jpg] [Image: vW1ugFN.jpg] [Image: W0DkvaR.jpg]

[Image: jZhynqE.jpg] [Image: MXz1JP3.jpg] [Image: LGSlLc9.jpg]

[Image: PfE9Trp.jpg] [Image: 5PI7iLI.jpg] [Image: 9iF7adI.jpg]

[Image: v8iN9yF.jpg] [Image: YRfiXsU.jpg] [Image: ZTPMqFI.jpg]

[Image: 5IxB8VL.jpg] [Image: xxWwGhR.jpg] [Image: FbNY38v.jpg]

[Image: IF9lZ1r.jpg] [Image: 5VZ5074.jpg] [Image: ZDn85Iu.jpg]
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[Image: jVli567.jpg] [Image: dRAkbPS.jpg] [Image: Ev7gI88.jpg]

[Image: 6L6U0yQ.jpg] [Image: 3sxrslL.jpg] [Image: mxhnffW.jpg]

[Image: SJTZZDL.jpg] [Image: F8HARO4.jpg] [Image: LUT8c55.jpg]

[Image: VtqrWnB.jpg] [Image: O8QWF4I.jpg] [Image: Dh5G54X.jpg]

[Image: e11F9iJ.jpg] [Image: HNzKKfL.jpg] [Image: l4sLd9n.jpg]

[Image: BFkxi8d.jpg] [Image: yUpBRTB.jpg] [Image: QpWPMHY.jpg]
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We have to agree Tamara, it was something and nothing, I felt it was a bit of a missed opportunity, butt that is a personal opinion.
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from Diario:

More than 8,000 people visited the Meeting and Sale of Handicrafts in Antigua
  • Sales were so high that some artisans ran out of merchandise.
"The Meeting and Sale of Handicrafts in Antigua returns safely next year, after the success shared this weekend in organization, sales, assistance and the commercial and hospitality dynamization that has meant for the town," says the mayor, Matías Peña.

The Organization of the Meeting and Sale of Handicrafts, Antigua City Council and Mafasca Collective Foundation, considers, like the participating artisans, to have exceeded expectations in sales and assistance, exceeding the 8,000 people who visited the square, in a closed route and with permanent capacity control and application of sanitary regulations.
The municipal councilor highlights the work done by a human and professional team that from the technicians of the Department of Culture, the municipal operators, the professionalism shown by the young and majorera contracted company, Droben Events, the security guaranteed with permanent presence of security agents, in addition to the Local Police and volunteers of Civil Protection of Antigua, together with the dissemination work carried out by the media on the island, they have resulted in a Meeting and Sale of Handicrafts that is here to stay.
"Without a doubt," says the Councilor for Culture, Agustín Rodríguez, "we have fulfilled the objective of supporting the artisan sector and recovering an appointment with the craftsmanship of the island, necessary and for which we must bet, as the City of Antigua has done by financing with about 60,000 euros the complete organization of this Meeting".
The president of the Mafasca Collective Foundation, Nereida Brito thanked the commitment of the City of Antigua for artisans and crafts, recalling that the next objective is "to recover the celebration of the Insular Craft Fair in Antigua in May 2022".
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