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Ascension - Caleta
First time since they moved from opposite the White Centre last year. The restaurant was Kwizeen for a while, they used to be Nuevo Kwizeen in Costa de Antigua and the food there was always excellent. Only went there once, for Sunday lunch, and while the food was OK, the decor and ambience left a lot to be desired, however they hadn't been there long. I think the location, out of the way on Puerta del Sol complex, is difficult and you need to be able to draw the clientele in. Robert, the owner/chef, already had a reputation of quality food and service at his previous location, and I hope that this will stand him in good stead.
The decor has improved tremendously since the early days of Kwizeen, and even the previous location. We only went to Ascension when it was above the Chinese store. There were three restaurants there and the Sports bar and you had to walk through one or two these other establishments to find Ascension. Didn't like that, also the toilets are downstairs and didn't like that either.
Anyway, Ascension in its' current form is a whole lot better. They weren't particularly busy, but it was a very cold evening. The staff were very friendly and Robert comes around when he has time to ask if everything was OK.
They don't have a huge menu, but then that can be a good thing as it makes it easier to choose. I had the Baked Cod and my wife had Fillet Steak (8oz - they do different sizes) with blue cheese sauce (various other sauces are available). both dishes were excellent and Jill's steak looked bigger than 8oz to my eye. She wanted it cooked medium/rare, and whilst it probably was in general terms, she would have preferred it less well done. A couple of times recently we have seen medium rare steaks come looking like they were very well done, that is having a crusty outer. I don't often drink red wine these days, but the house red was very nice at €12.

Address: Puerta del Sol complex, Calle Marcial Sanchez Velazque, Caleta de Fuste
Phone: 654 28 43 79
Hours: 5.30pm 'til late, 7 days a week
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We have also been to both their locations & the new one is still a vast improvement, mainly for all the reasons mentioned. Food was great both times & as said staff very attentive & friendly. Would highly recommend  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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I ate at Ascension when they were above the Chinese and they were excellent. I also ate at Kwizeen in Puerto Sol again they were excellent, not tried Ascension since they moved to Puerto Sol.
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Lovely friendly restaurant as it was in its previous location and not to beat around the bush, Rob does one of the very best steaks around. Always one to visit.
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We ate at Ascension last night, first time in the new location, far far better than the old location between the Sports Bar and Gambrinus, we chose a table that over looked the pool of the complex next door only down side to that is that it is also by the gate to the complex and the sights you see going in and out can put you off your food Sad Sad 

The service was friendly and attentive and the food was great, our only comment is what we consider to be the rather basic vegetables, we would prefer more Canarian style veg.

We will return  Smile Smile 


We did have dessert - Brandy Snap Basket & Banana Cheesecake sorry forgot to photograph them.
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We ate there again last night, and I had Quail and Venison, which was superb, as the food always is there, my question is this, while I know the name quail is attributed to a large number of small game birds, are there any that are native to the island?
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Hi John. Can't say that they are native to the island but we are often given some quail eggs along with our weekly order of free range chicken eggs so they are definitely on the island.
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