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murder attempted

Attempted murder!
From Noticias:

An Englishman arrested for trying to murder his partner in Fuerteventura.

The Judicial Police Team of Gran Tarajal, in collaboration with the Gender Violence Group of the 4th Company of Fuerteventura and the other units dependent on it, concludes the investigation of an attempted homicide in which the alleged perpetrator of the Events was left unaccounted for after repeatedly stabbing his ex-partner with a large knife.


The facts date back to the end of November 2021, when the perpetrator, after using a disguise to avoid being recognized by his victim, got into his vehicle and repeatedly stuck a knife in his chest and hands.
It is worth mentioning the quick action of a citizen of French origin, who after hearing the cries for help of the victim, was able to repel the action, avoiding in a heroic act a fatal outcome. Despite this, the suspect was able to flee the place, so after judicial authorization, the Civil Guard made public the photo of this to be able to locate him through citizen collaboration.
From then on, the Gender Violence Team of the Fuerteventura Company focused its Police work on protecting the victim, since her aggressor could have intended to locate her to complete the reasons that led to the brutal stabbing. On the other hand, both the units deployed in the main routes out of the island, as well as those in charge of providing due citizen security, intensified the search for the author.
For its part, the Judicial Police Team of Gran Tarajal opened two lines of investigation, the first in order to obtain evidence on the preparation of a homicide by the suspect and the second to locate him, so a wide device was made among all the units of the Civil Guard of Fuerteventura, international cooperation was requested with the English authorities and citizen collaboration was requested.

Finally, thanks to citizen collaboration, a sergeant assigned to the Morro Jable Post who was on duty in a supermarket, was able to arrest the escaped author in the vicinity of a shop.
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Respect to the guy who intervened.
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