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Avoid the Zalt and Peppa stores in Morro Jable
I don't know if this thread fits here but I just want to give out a warning about the Zalt and Peppa stores in Morro Jable. The owners are very devious people.

I was visiting Morro Jable and I bought a pair of swimshorts in the Zalt and Peppe store there. They cost me €50, a pair of quiksilver, good brand and everything.

When I came home to Corralejo (a one and half hour drive from morro jable) I used the swim trunks once and found that a thread was coming loose in the elasticated waist.. not good. 

Since it's a long drive down to Morro Jable I thought that I might try to contact the store first, so I contacted them via messenger. And explained what have happened and if I could come in and exchange them. Got a reply "hello, please como over with the ticket and we will have a look" alright.. I then took two photos, one of the tag on the shorts so they could see which model it is, then I took a photo on the manufacturing defect and asked them if they had these in any store so I could exchange them. And.. then.. No reply. I could see the notification that they had seen my question and my pictures, but they weren't sending any replies.

So the next day I decide to drive down there anyway, so I go to the first store where I bought them in palm garden.. and the girl there said she didn't know anything about this. I explained that I had sent text on messenger and they said I should come in with the receipt.

She can't do anything, they don't have a pair in the same size so they can not exchange them. So she starts to text on her mobile to the "bosses" while I am waiting in the store.. at this point I am just thinking that ok.. she aren't authorized to do any refunds without a okay from her boss.. So I'll have to wait.. after maybe 15 minutes she get's a reply that they can give me 10 euro so I can take them and get them repaired. 

I say no of course, I want a refund. She then get's stressed and sends more texts to the bosses while I am waiting there.. She then calls them, and give me the alternative that I can get 10-15 euro to get them repaired myself or they can take them to a repair shop for me. I say no to this because I then have to drive to Corralejo and back to Morro Jable just to get my swim shorts. I say that I think that this is unacceptable and I want a refund and she doesn't seem to know what to do.. I ask if her boss is down in the other store, she says yes. She then calls him, and say to me I have to go down to the other store and talk to him. After more than 30 minutes in the first store I have to drive down to the other store.

I come to the other store, meets the boss.. He sees the shorts and say that the only thing they can do is give me 10-15 euros to get them repaired "it's an easy fix.. 5-10 minutes with sewing machine" I say I want a refund. He then asks me if I have used the shorts (he knows this because of the conversation on messenger and my visit in the other store) and I say that they have been used once.. he then says that he can't take them back.. because he then has to throw them away. And says otherwise it's an easy repair and they could sell them.

Both these things are total bullsh*t. Firstly that this guy would repair some clothes and sell them as new. Secondly that he claim he has to throw them away and try to play on my feelings that he's the one getting hurt in all this. He would be reimbursed from the manufacturer since it's a manufacturing defect. 

He stretches to give me a €20.. I'll take it because I know it's this or nothing at all.

I come home to Corralejo, finds a seamstress and show the shorts.. first thing she says is "no" and then explains that it's not an easy fix because it's an elasticated waist so they then have to re-do the whole thing.. 

So yeah.. This is my warning. Support the stores that treat their customers right. And not stores like this one.
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It's a long shot but  if you paid by credit card you can do a charge back and get your Money back
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