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bats fuerteventura resident

Bats resident on Fuerteventura
Does anyone know what species of bats live on the island? 

I've had one flying around my garden most evenings recently, it's definitely a bat as I caught a glimpse of it's silhouette against the gate lamp - looked just like a Halloween decoration  Big Grin

There are plenty of derelict old farm buildings around here and caves on the mountains behind us so lots of possible sites for them.
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Maybe the Big Eared bat mainly found on Tenerife and La Palma, according to this snippet I found on the internet " The Canary Big-Eared Bat is endemic to the Canary Islands; the species is primarily found in woodland habitat. It mainly feeds on moths and roosts amongst disused buildings and caves. Unfortunately, it is in decline due to deforestation and building renovation which is destroying its natural habitat. Two breeding colonies exist now: one in La Palma and one in Tenerife."

Perhaps the volcano issue in La Palma is  currently bringing them over to Fuerteventura?
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