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bicibox fuerteventura repair stations

Bicibox (repair) stations in Fuerteventura
Checking La Oliva's website today, it looks like five bicibox repair stations has been installed at five new locations: La Oliva, Villaverde, Lajares, Parque Holandes and Tindaya.

These boxes should help cyclists to quickly repair their bikes if needed.

Three of them has been installed earlier last year in Tefía, Tetir & Puerto Lajas.

Unfortunately I've never been lucky enough to see one, would be great for the rest of us if anyone can post the exact location and/or pics.
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In Lajares, it is in the plaza, where the Saturday market is held. I will try to get a photo  next time I pass by.

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In Tindaya it is outdoors at the site of Casa Alta. (The museum/exhibition building, seemingly closed at present, featuring the proposals for Montana Tindaya)

casa alta, Tindaya, Fuerteventura

Edited to include pics:

[Image: ewiP8AA.jpg] [Image: pyyutoo.jpg] [Image: ZkaJvV3.jpg]
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Puerto Lajas - the first town north of Honduras.


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