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they legal autovia bicycles

Bicycles on autovia are they legal?
The auto via from the lajares/Villaverde roundabout to Caldereta has a sign as you enter the autovia informing you that bicycles & certain other classes of vehicles can not use it, However the auto via from the same roundabout to Correlajo has signs saying it is an autovia but has no sign that I am aware of saying that bicycles are restricted from using it. I have read online that on some autovias bicycles are allowed on the hard shoulder. So can bikes legally use the autovia on the correlajo stretch of road?

I have seen people cycling on this stretch so I am assuming that they either know they legally can do so or are ignoring any restriction. Can anyone actually clarify for me the legal position?
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Legal or not, do you really want to risk your life on that stretch? Some of the cars will be going way over 80mph, I wouldn't feel safe riding a bicycle anywhere near this road.
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I have cycled along that stretch and actually felt a lot safer than the road from Lajares to the the junction with the autovia! I was passed by 2 Guardia cars who didn’t bother or arrest me, I’ve also seen many other cyclists on this stretch.
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I have only seen cyclists on the hard shoulder but wonder if packs of cyclists will start appearing. I was wondering why the difference between the 2 stretches? Could it be why there is no sign on this section as its the only way for cyclists to get to the other places in La Olivia such as El Cotillo etc. Hoping that a cycle lane will be built so no cyclists can go on the autovia as otherwise its an accident waiting to happen and at the speeds the cars are going likely to be fatalities eventually.

On another question on this stretch from the Football ground to the first roundabout why is the speed 50kph ( which few adhere to). Before the dual carriageway was built the speed was 60 kph if I remember correctly when the road was much more dangerous. So wouldn`t a higher speed limit be more appropriate and sensible on this dual carriageway seems like some easy tickets for the Guardia Civil eventually to make their monthly allowance speed ticket requirement?
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