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fuerte scam bizum

Bizum scam on Fuerte
from Radio Sintonia:

The Team of the island of Fuerteventura has identified a person with numerous Police records for crimes of fraud as the alleged author of a crime of fraud worth 500 euros in Bizum.
The Events began after the victim filed a complaint at the Corralejo Post, stating that after having placed an advertisement on the Internet for the sale of a vehicle of his property, the alleged author of the facts, with the excuse of wanting to send Money to the victim as a "reservation" of the vehicle, under deception he sends a request via BIZUM requesting the agreed amount, which was 500 euros.
The victim, acting in good faith in the sale, agreed to this request, realizing at that same moment that he had really sent the defendant 500 euros instead of receiving them, trying to solve the error with the accused, who after perpetrating the scam cuts communications with the victim by blocking his phone.
Research and identification.
With the data provided by the complainant, the Equipo@ of Fuerteventura, within the framework of the NAONE investigation, began to follow the trail of the fraudster, who ended up being fully identified. The alleged perpetrator of the acts has an extensive criminal history for similar acts and is currently aware of a search and arrest of the same, since he is currently missing.
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Had to google to find out what Bizum actually is.

Quote:Bizum is an account to account payment solution integrated into the bank app that allows instant P2P payments on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Bizum is operating in Spain only and was launched in Sep 16, backed by the main banks in Spain.
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