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building licenses

Building licenses
Can anyone direct me where to look for a building licence for work I suspect to be illegal?
Thank you
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I think that the first step is to report it to the local Police.

They then check up on the situation and see if permission has been granted.
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Thank you Captain. Sadly, whilst that does sound sensible advice, my experience is the Police, although certainly the best Money can buy, are ineffective. 
Is there any public access to planning applications as there is back in the U.K.?
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While I could be totally wrong and am working with the advice we got from the builders who built our extension was this,
the size and composition of a building will determine whether you require planning permission or a building licence, surely your first option is to contact The President of your community?
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As far as I know there is no public access to planning applications/consent.

I know of several times over the past 15 years where the Police have been called to check on whether extensions have permission.
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If contacting Police directly isn't effective I would consider to use a solicitor. They should know where to look or how to get the Police involved.
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Thanks for all the advice. I suspect the solicitor route is probably where it will end up.
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Be ready for a long wait :

(CNN) — For 137 years, the construction of Barcelona's Sagrada Familia had been carried out illegally.
That all changed on Friday when the Roman Catholic church finally received its building permit, according to a Twitter post by Janet Sanz, in charge of urban planning.
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My experience is most building work needs a licence. A couple of years ago I was having a party wall built between my property and next door. The builder had constructed it was just about to paint it when the Police asked to see the building permit and as there wasn’t one all work has to cease.  The town hall required an architects plan which was then signed off then work could recommence. A lot of building is done without plans but if it is reported to the Police then the permit is then required or big fines kick in.
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Davew are you saying that if you replace a green wire and grass fence with say a powder coated aluminum fence or wall you need a licence?
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