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elcotillo bus

Bus to Elcotillo
Does anyone know where the last drop off place in Elcotillo.   Wanting to get to the light house area.  I will be travelling
from Corralejo.   Also what number bus?  Thanks in advance
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Bus number 8, almost every hour on the hour (often departs a few minutes early, so recommend being at the stop 10 minutes before).  Couple of buses a day miss out La Olivia, so slightly quicker. 

Last bus stop in El Cotillo is near the Chapel/behind the Cotillo Beach Hotel, but driver may well want you off at the bus station (just sit tight and say "hotel", pronounce without the H as "Otel".


Walk from Hotel to Lighthouse is quite a walk, allow an hour at least, BUT some fabulous bays and beaches to pass, you might decide that the distant view from a beach is much better as there is little to see at the Lighthouse.  

Enjoy your holiday.
25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Depending if you are planning to spend most of the day working your way from Cotillo to the lighthouse - one option would be to get off of the bus at the bus terminal in Cotillo and then rent a bike in the village.

Riders, bike and surfboard hire shop on the high street, charge around 12 Euros per day  https://riders-surfnbike.com/en/ and is a short walk from the bus station.

That way you can spend some time at La Concha beach and / or one of the many coves along the route to the lighthouse as Tom suggests.
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"Otel" ha love it.  The bike thing sounds like a good idea or the worst one ever at my age. Thanks for the advice  Thumbs Up
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