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licence house area obtaining rural first occupation unfinished buying

Buying unfinished house in a rural area - obtaining a licence of the first occupation
Question asked on the Darkside

" I am interested to buy an unfinished villa from a Real Estate agent. It has a building permit but needs finishing and obtaining a licence of the first occupation. My concern is the fact that the actual size of the villa is bigger than projected size, although the agent says that it’s common practice for neighbouring houses, and all the townhall is interested in is that someone finishes it. It’s located in a rural area. Any tips, does it sound common to you or rather I should stay away? "

He does not have a cat in h*lls chance of getting a sensible answer on there, I have strongly advised him to sign up for this forum and given him the link to it, but in case it does not happen any advice, please post on the Dark side, alternatively post it here and I will cut and paste it there

EDIT: Title change. Original -  Question asked on the Darkside. Also, added the original title to the top of this post as it makes more sense. Sam
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Thanks John for keeping an eye on the Darkside.

Never had to deal with this myself, all I can suggest: Don't trust any estate agent, no matter what country. Ask your solicitor to explain it over the email, keep the copy in your inbox. Solicitor is working for you, an estate agent is working for the seller (getting paid after the sale) so they don't care about your struggle in the future.  If you don't have a solicitor, get one that isn't sitting in the same office nor have been introduced by the estate agent. One from a different town is always a great choice.
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Good advice Sam. 
Do always use the proper Spanish professionals, a solicitor will do the job and make sure you are legal.
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