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cancellations jan

Cancellations in Jan 21
Hi All,

Does anyone know why January Ryanair flights from/to East Midlands, Manchester and 
Edinburgh after the 9th have been cancelled (supposedly starting again in February) but those from Liverpool and Stansted have not ? I don’t see how it can be an EU thing but that is what is being said by RA.

Thanks for any info.
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Probably numbers. Those who are desperate to fly at those times will re-book for the available flights from other cities, those who are not will defer to flights in Feb or later. If it isn't profitable for them to run the flights, they just won't bother. 

There's a slim possibility there may be some EU related stuff regards checking passports or something that won't be available at those airports in January, but it's most likely a smokescreen.
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Our Christmas and New Year visitors return to the UK yesterday 4/1 on the Stanstead flight apparently no one on the out coming flight so they boarded as soon as it landed and only 9 passengers return to the UK, it should have been 12 3 didn't turn up.
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Thanks for this information.

It remains a complete mystery to me why these flights continue. But then it has been a mystery to me for about four months now

Somebody I know says that it is cheaper to keep the planes flying than to ground then recommission them. But surely that can’t be true indefinitely .....

The reason can’t just be so that RA don’t have to pay refunds as their total ticket take on these flights must be tiny by now, and people have the option of a free move anyway.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. But surely the new situation in the U.K. will ground all flights before too long. I certainly hope not as it is comforting to have the option there should one need to get back in an emergency. But it clearly doesn’t stack up.

If anyone has any insight into RA’s thinking these last few months then I’d love to hear it.
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Not everyone is entitled to a refund / vouchers or free date change. To qualify for those options the flights had to have been booked from June onwards. My flights were booked in Jan so I am being penalised for lining O'Learys pockets early. Lesson learnt.  
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