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hire prices car

Car hire prices
I was on the island last month and for the first time that I have visited I didn't hire a car because the costs were
too much.   Have prices come down? are they expected to come down?
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We were there last winter for 6 months and prices were £11 a day. Now I am getting quotes for 28! Definitely can't afford that. £3k for our stay - would be cheaper to buy a car then sell it again!
Not sure what to do now.
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Look at as you are probably right about buying then selling it 6 months later.
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Buying and selling a car here, as a non-resident - is fraught with problems! If there is any hold up with the end sale and you have left the island ........

When you buy a car they want proof of your home address here, or long term rental contract, so they know where to send the annual tax demand, just for starters. (normally proved by producing Padron (register with local council) document.)

Then there's the insurance, and ITV (equiv of MOT), and sales tax .....

Keep trying all the hire companies - you might get lucky.  Fingers Crossed
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