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corralejo salud centro

Centro de Salud, Corralejo
About a year ago improvements were started on the Centro de Salud in Corralejo. If I remember rightly there were to be improved and additional Urgencias spaces downstairs and extending out the back. Upstairs they were enclosing the end that previously just been single storey to make more consulting rooms for the GPs.
They got off to a good start but it has just seemed to grind to a halt, the Urgencias and normal receptions, combined while the work is in progress, is a nightmare, often just operated out of a hole in the wall where a breezeblock or two has been knocked out! Distinct lack of bathroom facilities (there is a loo upstairs if you know about it, not signposted) and on the mornings when bloods are taken an always chaotic event is a living nightmare.
They still provide an excellent medical service despite all that's going on, or not!

[Image: 5gSl9Id.jpg]
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Was in the vicinity today and took pics from the rear and the side - still not looking near to being finished. I did chuckle when I read the dates on the works info board  Big Grin 

[Image: 3JQx4Z5.jpg] [Image: a2rUM6t.jpg] [Image: kUSVEjg.jpg]

looks like it was a 5 month project, due be finished at the end of March 2019!
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They forgot to account for all fiestas and the Carnival going on at the beginning of each year.
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The new one in Antigua was a similar saga overran by nearly two years I remember rightly, eventually opened mid 2017, we were there the second day it opened, and there was a light fitting that was obviously faulty, I was there this morning and it is still faulty 2 years+ later Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes
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Still dragging on. A bit worrying to see the insulation materials falling off before the outer covering is in place!

[Image: xdxmOVJ.jpg] [Image: e6BofWj.jpg]

[Image: 8sxeRR9.jpg] [Image: G7QKHzq.jpg]
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Interesting on Friday driving past the hospital I commented on how quick what looks like a new entrance has been built.
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and still it drags on …..

[Image: ZsWSCeI.jpg]
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Today in Diario de Fuerteventura:

The deputy of the Popular Party, Fernando Enseñat, regrets that the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands does not date the completion of the works of the health centre of Corralejo despite the fact that "a project of five months of execution has already been more than a year and a half of works and we are still waiting for it to end, and what is worse: the patients who come to the health centre and the health personnel suffering the effects of a health centre in perpetual works, "said the deputy who added "And meanwhile, we have the perfect excuse for not expanding the medical staff."

Enseñat reminded the Minister of Health that, last October, "promised that in December 2019 they would be finished. And we are ending February and continue to finish them." The Corralejo health centre expansion project began to be executed in October 2018 and should have been completed five months later, that is, in March 2019.

The popular deputy blamed the delay on the "systematic abandonment of Health in Fuerteventura" since "now he cannot blame the previous government as he did in October. Because of the more than a year and a half delay, eight months correspond to the management of CC and eight months the government of the flowers of the PSOE, NC and ASG ".

And it is that, according to the data that in the month of October contributed Health, in July barely had executed 158,000 euros, 20 percent, of the 764,000 euros of the budget. "These works are vital for the more than 25,000 residents of La Oliva for which they have been waiting for many years and will serve to modernize and expand obsolete, small facilities that barely fulfil their mission because, to the resident population, there are to add the tourism that Fuerteventura visits, "recalled the deputy.

Some works that, together with the necessary staffing and means, will allow to alleviate the collapse of the emergencies, have 14 new consultations, remodel the area of ​​extractions and improve the health care of the residents. "This delay in the works is the perfect excuse not to continue expanding the limited staff of primary school doctors, family doctors and specialities who spend consultation in the centre for a population of 25,000 inhabitants and thousands of tourists," he recalled.

“And, the commitment of the Ministry of Health is that, when the expansion works of the health centre were completed, the staff of family doctors who provide services in Corralejo would be increased, thus creating, at least, a new quota of family medicine and relieving the saturation and excess of patients suffering from doctors who are currently attending the centre. Many of them exceed the rates of care and patients in their quotas. But of course, the commitment was when the expansion and renovation works of the Health Center were completed in order to have material space to expand the workforce and quotas. The delay in the execution of the works is bad news not only because the infrastructure has not been finished but also because the expansion of services for users has not been foreseen, "said the PP deputy." We ask someone to assume responsibilities because it is It is clear that if a project is contracted for five months and it takes a year and a half, someone must be responsible for the delays. "

The health centre in figures

The expansion and reform works of the Corralejo Health Center had a budget of 700,000 euros for 2017 and nothing was executed. In 2018, the Ministry of Health budgeted 300,000 euros and not a single euro was executed while, in 2019, 800,000 euros had been budgeted of which, until July, only 20 per cent of it had been executed . "La Oliva and its residents are still waiting to cover their" historical "health needs, like the rest of Fuerteventura."
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The Ministry of Health restarts next Monday the expansion works of the Corralejo Health Centre

The works, which were suspended during the pandemic, have a budget of 763,955 euros

The ER area has already been reformed and a total of 14 new consultations and their supports on the upper floor have been created

The reform will continue in the dependencies on the ground floor for the Extractions and Rehabilitation area

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands reports that next Monday the reform and expansion works of the Corralejo Health Center will resume, once the Order to Restart the work has been signed. Next Monday, June 1, the sectorization works of the affected spaces begin, with the aim of completing the reform of the centre this summer.

Before the suspension of the works, the remodelling of the Consultation and Emergency Area had already been completed, although the work must continue with the reform of the ground floor where the Extraction and Physiotherapy rooms, the office of Admission and the access stairway to the new consultation area created in the expansion of the second floor. The Consultations area was completed and put into service in March.

The pending works, although they are already in an advanced state of execution, are located on the ground floor of the building, close to the main entrance and considerably affect the circulation of workers and users, so it is necessary to guarantee the correct sectorization of the themselves.

The works have a budget of 763,955 euros, 85% financed by funds from the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The health centre will have 14 new consultations and their support on the upper floor and, in addition, it will improve the quality of care provided to its users at the end of the works in the Extractions and Rehabilitation area, since the ER is already reformed.

These remodelling and expansion works of the Corralejo Health Center respond to the needs of increasing healthcare benefits in this geographical area due to the population increase and the consequent increase in demand for new health services in this region of Fuerteventura.
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Two years after the start of the works, initially planned in five months, the expansion of the Corralejo health centre will be fully operational this September. After the inconvenience to users and staff, changes of government and management, and the execution problems that caused successive modifications of the project and its budget, the facilities now have a remodelled Emergency area, and 14 new consultations with a room for wait on the new top floor.

The health centre has about 60 workers on its staff and serves between 400 and 500 people a day, so "it has been very difficult to handle this with a work on top of it," especially in the Emergency Department, "because the works were developed while this The area continued to function ”, explains the director of the centre, Carlos Matos.

The staff report the headaches caused by the noise, the demolition of walls, the smoke and dust typical of the works that have made the entire workforce desperate, especially the cleaning services, and even a gas leak that caused the eviction of the facilities in July of last year.

Although it is also true that, during these two years, most of the time the works have been without activity. Regarding the reasons for the delay, it is not clear if the project of the Ministry of Health was not adequate from the beginning, or if the causes are attributable to the construction company, Satocan, which was awarded the contract after offering a reduction of 170,000 euros over the almost 820,000 of the bid base budget. What is certain is that, once the works started, successive modifications of the project and its budget were necessary.

"This expansion was essential and we are satisfied with the final result," acknowledges the director of the centre. "We prevent doctors from sharing consultations and we can also increase those of specialists in Corralejo," he says, giving the examples of Mental Health or Geriatrics.

He also points out: "We are happy with the staffing, since we now have up to six doctors, six nurses and five more administrative staff than in previous years." Among them is the fourth specialist in Pediatrics incorporated after the manifestations of the so-called Supermamis .

Just space

Although the works were awarded in September 2018, the Government of the Canary Islands already provided financing for the project in 2017, without it being tendered. Considering that this expansion was a claim in the north of Fuerteventura for several years, once the expansion was completed, "the space we have now is just enough to meet the demand," says Carlos Matos.

The population of the municipality of La Oliva is about 26,000 people, according to official figures. But the reality is that the registry is not fully updated, and that the tourist beds, also official, are 16,000.

"As a tourist municipality, we serve a large floating population, practically double what the figures say in high season, and that logically makes health management difficult," says Carlos Matos.

The comparison is made clear with Puerto del Rosario, which as a capital city has two health centres and the Insular Hospital for a population of less than 40,000 inhabitants, and hardly any hotel plant.

La Oliva already has a land donated by the City Council to locate the second Health Center of Corralejo, in the Natural Park Urbanization, to the south of the town. These units would complete the health facilities in the north of the island, adding to the clinics in Lajares and La Oliva.

In this sense, the new health centre would be enough to attend the population growth over the next few years, considers Matos, who also expresses his particular opinion on the decentralization of health services: "The peripheral clinics are structures inherited from a society rural, but at the level of management, operation and medical updating, they are not so necessary. Health management is complicated when there are no doctors in the offices, because it is very difficult to replace them. "

In this sense, he believes that it is "better to have the doctors concentrated in the same health centre, and make home visits when necessary, something we already do every day."

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