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viaje update changes aware certificado

Certificado de Viaje - Update and changes to be aware of
This is not something that most people took advantage of, but with Brexit some things have changed for most of us.

Previously, as residents, we could make use of the "Residents Travel Discount" when traveling from the island to any other islands or the peninsula.
For those who are not aware, this is a deal between the Spanish government whereby travel companies can offer a special residents price below what it costs them, and the Spanish government would cover the remainder of the full price of the ticket. The discount came to approximately 75% meaning a flight from Fuerte to Madrid that costs €100 is offered to the resident at €25 (exact calculations differ, residents discounted price is based on the full price of a ticket and not any lower fares).

Non EU residents could not make use of the travel discount unless they already had Permanent Residency here (Legally registered for 5+ years).

As part of Brexit preparations and processes, many of us applied for our TIE cards. This was a wise step to protect against and uncertain outcomes or limitations.
But one of the side effects is that we are now technically third part nationals who do not qualify for the travel discount.

As I said, for many it makes no difference. For me and some others, it does have a minor to major impact.
Mid-2019 to mid-2020 I had over €1500 of cross-island and Penninsula flights. These were business trips. Without the resident's discount, this would have cost me €6000 - a much larger business expense. This will obviously now limit how much business I can do outside of Fuerte, as adding extra costs to client proposals would probably not go down so well.

I know a lot of people regularly hop between fuerte and lanza - but soon we will have to pay full price.

I just came back from the La Oliva Ayuntamiento and was informed of the rules surrounding the Residents Travel Discount.
Attached below is a scan of the paper they gave me. And here is the translated text.


Procedure for obtaining certificates in order to benefit from the bonus in the
rates for scheduled air and sea transport services.
Area responsible: Citizen's Advice
Who can apply: Registered in this municipality, who can prove their identity
with a valid document, and be a citizen:
- Spanish.
- Of the Member States of the European Union or the other signatory States of the Agreement
on the European Economic Area or Switzerland.
- Foreigners with a Community Regime Foreigner's Card specifying "Family member of
Citizen of the Union". In this case the procedure can ONLY be carried out in the offices of
on-site attention.

- Foreigners with a Foreigner's Card that specifies that they have: "Permanent Residence",
"Permanent Resident" or "Long Term Resident". In this case the procedure is ONLY

can be done in the offices of face-to-face attention.
- To be registered in the Town Hall of La Oliva. - Identification document
corresponding to the case, in force.
- For Spanish citizens: DNI or passport, in force.
- Citizens of EU member states or other states that have signed the agreement
on the European Economic Area or Switzerland, the supporting document will be the Certificate of
Registration issued by the Central Registry of Foreigners in force and which must include
expressly as a community resident in Spain and the address of residence (NIE VERDE),
that gives right to the bonus and that should in any case be accompanied by the document of
your country's identity or valid passport.
- For non-EU citizens: Residence Card for family members of Union citizens
European Union in force, or long term residence card in force.
- If you are acting through a representative: Certified photocopy of document proving
legal or voluntary representation, generated in Spain, and must contain express authorization for
the present procedure.

[Image: Travel-Discount-Rules.jpg]
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Thanks for this McAdam.
I'm reading it that if you have 5 year+ residence you still qualify for the discount. Is that your interpretation?

For what it's worth, after reading your post, I went online to La Oliva Ayuntamiento and generated and printed new certs of Padron (1 year validity) and certs of Viaje (6 months validity). Not that I'm likely to be travelling any time soon .....
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If your TIE says "Residencia Permanente" or "Residencia Larga Duracion" then you can also get the discount.
After renewing your first TIE after 5 years, or after you have already been a resident for 5 + years - your TIE will be reissued with the above text.
If less than 5 years it will say "Residencia Temporal".

So yes, if you have been resident for more than 5 years then you can make use of the discount.

I will need to check if I am still in the SARA Database (The database used for travel discount checking).
The only way to really do it is to book something.
I guess I could re-issue my travel certificate and see if it generates as you have done.
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A confirmation of the confusion, from Janet Anscombe's In Tenerife site. Basically, all residents are legally entitled to the discount, but not all Ayuntamientos are applying the regs correctly:

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Hmmm... I wonder if a particular someone is secretly reading a particular forum... Tongue
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