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Change in Management of the Caleta de Fuste market
I've just read in this month's Fuertextra newspaper that the Tuesday and Saturday market is now under new management.  The market has new stalls with material canopies.  It looked very white today.

The Friday evening handicraft market in the plaza has been cancelled until further notice - it's not related to the above change.
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Well let's hope they can "manage" it with less African tat and more interesting stalls.  I hadn't visited the market for at least a couple of years, but went two weeks ago as I just happened to be passing..........and wish I hadn't !!!
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Well somebody must be buying this “African Tat” or the purveyors of same would not be renting stalls. Actually I find Fuerteventura culture has much more in common with Africa than Europe.
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If there's no buyer's the seller have to change the inventory or let someone else to take their place. We can't really complain about more people supporting the stalls we don't like. The only way to change it is to support the ones we would like to see at the market again.
I Heart Fuerteventura
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There is a new poster for the market:

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