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services changed bus 03

Changed bus services from 14.03.22
from Radio Sintonia:

Improvements in the bus service in Fuerteventura.
The Cabildo of Fuerteventura, through the Ministry of Transport, directed by Carmen Alonso, expands public transport services in order to respond to the saturation of certain frequencies of some of the lines that have the largest number of passengers. The objective is to promote the use of public transport, taking into account the demands of neighborhood groups, workers from different areas of the Island, the reinforcement of services at the airport and other issues.


New Services

The new services will begin operating on Monday, March 14, Monday through Friday. In this way, line 01, on its route Gran Tarajal-Puerto del Rosario, will have a new frequency at 06.30 hours.

For its part, line 16 in its route Puerto del Rosario-Gran Tarajal will have new frequencies at 08.00 and 10.45 hours and Gran Tarajal-Puerto del Rosario at 09.30 and 12.30 hours. Likewise, line 12, on its Route Gran Tarajal-Las Playitas, will have a frequency at 12.00 pm and Las Playitas-Gran Tarajal at 12.15 pm.

Finally, line 06 Puerto del Rosario-Corralejo will have frequency at 13.45 hours and in the direction of Corralejo-Puerto del Rosario at 15.00 hours.

Line 16 is also modified, on its Route Gran Tarajal-Puerto del Rosario, in its first service of the morning. The departure of the bus that previously departed at 06.00 hours, is advanced to 05.45, in order that workers in the south central area can take other lines of public service to perform their working day in the north of the Island. That is why the frequency of 05.45 hours of line 12 in its route Las Playitas – Gran Tarajal is replaced by that of 05:30h from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, the departure of the last service of line 01 in its route Puerto del Rosario-Morro Jable is delayed at 22.45 hours, suppressing the frequency of 22.30 hours, so that all users can reach the Bus Station of Puerto del Rosario to take this last service.

All modifications and new services can be downloaded on the website

thiade.com within the section 'routes and schedules', from march 14.

Citizen collaboration

The Ministry of Transport, Accessibility and Mobility will draw up the Fuerteventura Island Transport and Sustainable Mobility Plan 2023-2026. For its drafting, the collaboration of public transport users (individually or collectively) is previously requested to send their contributions through a form available at the Bus Station of Puerto del Rosario or the website of the Cabildo, in the Section Transport and Mobility: http://www.cabildofuer.es/cabildo/areas-...icaciones/

Suggestions can be delivered to a mailbox located in that station, through the website itself or in any general or auxiliary registry of the Cabildo.
Users will be able to demand new services, frequencies, routes or stops, in order to carry out the study for the new update of the service and gradually adapt it to the existing reality.
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