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used bike cheap

Cheap new or used bike
Hi everybody,

I'm moving to Corralejo in early November and wanted to grab a couple of bikes for myself and the missus, nothing fancy just basic push bikes to cycle around the city.

I've emailed pretty much all the shops and they have nothing available besides Volcano that has second hand bikes but for 250 euro each that is too much, was thinking to spend around 100 euro.

Has anyone recently been to Sport zone in Las palmeras and saw cheap bikes for sale?

The last option is the Mechanic in Bristol that can't get hold of.

Many thanks in advance
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Bikes, new and second hand, have always been expensive here.
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I know bike sales in the UK have rocketed during lockdown.  Maybe its the same in Spain?
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Facebook Market place will be your best bet.
A new bike for less than 100 is very very rare.
If you do find one, expect to replace it within a year.
Things rust here, and cheaper bikes don't have the same kinds of protection.

My advice would be to stretch the budget a bit more, and invest in some bikes that will last you years to come.

You could look at the Spanish Decathlon, and select Lanzarote as the store. They can deliver to Fuerte.
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Welcome to the forum Jack.

You can try your luck and pop down to Puerto del Rosario. There's a second hand market held in a couple of days

Or check ads on Milanuncios:

Good luck and congrats on the move 🙌🙌🙌👍
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Thank you guys for the heads up.

I’ve found a few bikes on facebook indeed, never used the marketplace before but seems working in Fuerte.

I’ll pop over to PdR anyway to have a look just in case.

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