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fue checks airport arrivals

Checks on arrivals at FUE airport
Strange and unusual Events when returning on the Tui flight last night (Arrived 19:00 hours from Birmingham).

Two National Police Officers sat in the little glass box. Usual glance at the Passport, then at what appeared to be at random, arrivals are handed a plain white sheet (eg. not Police or Island Government letterhead) with various question and a pen. The forms were completed as people stood at the glass box, so clearly there was very quickly a backlog of arrivals!!

One Policeman appeared to be giving the form to every 3rd person, the other one to every 4th person, however this may have changed after I eventually got past. 

The man in front of me was stopped, so I was able to nose over his shoulder, and the sheet asked for:
Name, passport number, parents names, place and date of birth, address in UK and Fuerteventura and details of flight back to the UK (date, time, flight number).  The man in front had his green certificate of residence, which he waved, but was still required to fill in the form.

This was my very first experience of any other than a brief glance at the passport (and I've walked past empty Passport check booths before now), so I was just wondering what's going on (for the Welsh members: what's occurring).

Anyone had similar experiences?  Anyone got a clue what they were doing?  Is this preparation for a no-deal exit?  

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I don't think this has to do anything with Brexit, TBH.

Were the officers targeting single travellers (male/female/certain age) only? They would if they're looking for someone.

Or trying to get info about where do people stay to catch some unlicensed renting. With the rest of the questions to keep your mind occupied. Huh
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