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tfn passengers collecting

Collecting Passengers from TFN
I am very sorry to post a question regarding a Tenerife airport on this forum. But I hope the good people here will be able to answer it easily. Namely I have a flight FUE-TFN and a friend of mine after arriving to TFS is supposed to collect me from the North Airport. Is it possible to stop in front of the terminal there to collect an incoming passenger without paying for the parking?
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My info is 4 years out of date so things may have changed....
The lane nearest the terminal was restricted to buses and taxis. The main general car park is opposite the terminal so only a few moments walk and the first 30 mins of parking was free. Then charged by 30 mins or hours, can't remember, up to about 10E a day. Ideal really for pick ups and drop offs. 
Hope this helps.
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