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mid corralejo july naturism report

Corralejo mid July naturism report
Just thought I'd post my experience as just home, wasn't sure what to expect numbers wise, not expecting to see much nudity due to the time of year, we were there July 11-18

The last couple of sets of sunbeds south of Riu Oliva Beach which in my experience is usually 100% nude in September were sparcly populated generally, a mix of families, couples, single male & single females nude, maybe occupying 30 sunbeds maximum. A similar number closeby on the beach itself plus those using the stone windbreaks further down the dunes beach so numbers wise I thought it was reasonable considering the time of year

Can't really comment on Flag beach as only went once & only as far as the first stone windbreak.

Weather wise it was cloudy most mornings until the cloud burnt off, sunny after that, it was windy though, wind speed of 30km/hr most days so other than the wind it was a good trip & I'd chance returning at this time of year, we stayed at Riu Tres Isla
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