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corralejo cleaner year might get

Corralejo might get cleaner this year
Translated from Onda Fuerteventura

Quote:The plenary session approved to increase the amount of the current contract by 20%, with the votes in favor of the Government Group and against the opposition

La Oliva, on January 31, 2019. The City Council of La Oliva today approved the cleaning contract, extending the amount of the service by 20%. In the ordinary full today, this proposal was approved with the vote in favor of the government group, and the refusal of the opposition in full.
"To clean up the municipal accounts and increase the budget from 19 to 31 million allows us to allocate some 250,000 euros more, the legal maximum, to the current cleaning contract, reinforcing mainly the cleaning of Corralejo," said the Councillor for Economy and Finance, Juan José Rodríguez

Rodriguez explained that "this improvement will be noticed imminently. The neighbours and tourists can see how the street sweepers will go six times a week through the streets where it was swept twice a week, it will be cleaned in the afternoon hours, and the services of mechanical sweeping, collection of household items, street cleaning and collection will be expanded. of garbage. "
Oliver González, Councilor for Works and Services, explained that "by increasing the resources of the company that provides services in Corralejo, the environment of the city will be cleaned in the same conditions that are done today in the main avenue. At the same time, this will allow us to reorganize the municipal staff to also strengthen the cleanliness in other areas of Corralejo and the municipality where it is also necessary, such as the neighbourhoods of the periphery. It's an improvement that's going to be noticed. "
For his part, the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, said that "this extension of the contract is just the prelude to a general improvement of municipal services. In the next plenary, we want to start the file of a new cleaning contract valued at 2.5 million euros, that is, ten times more than the investment approved today, which will improve the cleanliness of towns and neighbourhoods, maintenance of the schools, and the cleaning of the beaches. "
"As far as cleaning is concerned," Blanco said, "we are talking about doubling the current investment, and a very important project for the future of La Oliva, as it will allow us to adapt the services that lend themselves to the reality of a municipality whose population has increased a lot in recent years. "

The City of La Oliva currently has a contract for the provision of cleaning services valued at 1.2 million euros per year, an amount that rises, according to the variables established according to the amount of waste collected, up to 1, 7 million euros.
Oliver Gonzalez said that "from the Government Group we work very hard to solve the great problems of this municipality. At the moment the resources are not sufficient, because the city council drags important material and personnel deficiencies. It is very difficult to work with the old contracts, taking into account that the population and the tourist occupation have grown a lot, and that is why it is necessary to process new contracts ".
The opposition based its vote against arguing, in general, that the public interest of this contract modification is not justified.
Next contracts
In addition to the aforementioned cleaning contract, the City Council of La Oliva works on the bidding documents to tender new sanitation and telecommunications contracts -these two being debated in today's plenary session-, parks and gardens, legal assistance and collection.
After the budget approved in 2018, the first debated in the City of La Oliva since 2014, the institution executed in this 2019 a few that have meant an increase of 57% over previous ones, doubling the spending capacity, and after reorganizing the municipal debt, cancelling an amount owed of 23 million euros.

Let's hope we'll be able to see the difference Fingers Crossed
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Found some good news @

The City of La Oliva approves the bidding documents for new contracts for cleaning, gardens, and maintenance of schools, with an investment of 2.3 million and 64 people providing service.

The plenary session of La Oliva approved today to initiate the tender of a broad contract to increase cleaning services in towns, neighbourhoods and beaches, the care of green areas, and the maintenance and cleaning of the schools, a point that went ahead with the vote in favour of the government group, and the vote against the opposition in its entirety, with the exception of the Popular Party councillor José Reyes Moreno, who abstained.

This contract, valued at approximately 2.3 million euros per year, proposes the incorporation of 64 people to provide the aforementioned services, "something that this municipality undoubtedly needs, and that will not do anything other than improve public spaces, who are so in need of more care for a long time, "said the mayor, Isaí Blanco.

The Councillor for Economy and Finance, Juan José Rodríguez, explained the details of the specifications that will serve as the basis for tendering this contract throughout this year of 2019. "In terms of cleaning, areas that are not covered by the current contract are extended , mainly in towns and neighbourhoods, "including machinery such as" three more sweepers, two more wash trucks, and beach cleaning crews all along the coast, "among other services.

Among these new services that complement the current ones, frequencies are included 5 days a week in areas such as Geafond, El Cotillo and Avenida Grandes Playas de Corralejo, as well as higher cleaning frequencies in the rest of towns in the municipality.

With respect to the beaches, a service that does not currently exist is included in the contract, assigning personnel and a specific vehicle to travel and clean the entire coastline of the municipality, from Tindaya to El Jablito.

As for the lot used for the care of green areas, the incorporation of 14 workers is included - currently there is a single gardener in the municipal staff - with new services such as seasonal gardens. The contract is aimed at preserving and sustaining all the green areas of the municipality, parks, gardens, woodland areas, palms, plants, etc., throughout the municipality of La Oliva.

In third place, the contract for the cleaning and maintenance of schools refers to the bidding of this service in the centres of Corralejo, with a staff of 16 people. This contract would allow to restructure the current service, deriving the municipal staff to the rest of the centres of the municipality.

Once approved the specifications of this contract in full, the City of La Oliva initiates the tender procedure of the same, giving forth publicity to this documentation to facilitate the free competition of the interested companies, and with the aim of starting up the new services, after being awarded, in the current year of 2019.

The amount of the contract to be auctioned will be around 1.2 million euros in the lot 'Road Cleaning and Beaches of the Municipal Term of La Oliva', 700,000 euros in the lot 'Services of Conservation and Maintenance of Green Areas' and 400,000 euros for the 'Maintenance, Conservation and Cleaning of Schools'. As for its duration, the contract will be four years with an option to one more at its end.
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That is good news Sam. Now they just need to get the tenders sorted, then the winning lot need to hire and train staff and obtain the extra vehicles, then we might see the welcome improvements. How long do you reckon before they actually get their brooms on the streets? 3 months, 6 months, 2020?  Big Grin
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Does 2019 sounds over optimistic? 😂

Honestly, I'm still happy about the local government's acknowledgment and their willingness to do something about it. The biggest issue is that nobody seems to understand that the cleaning isn't a one time job and needs to be done repeatedly. It can feel like a waste of time and Money if it's done only once in a while.
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